Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Oilers Game Day-Hey Niedermayer!!!

Record: 6-2-0Record: 6-0-2

The biggest game of the year, by far. A matchup between the two representatives to the Western Conference Finals, two teams off to a very good start, and Chris Pronger's first game against the Oilers. This one is going to be a doozy.

Prediction: 6-3 Oilers. Sykora, Horcoff, Lupul (3), and Mägni Thöroson the Ëlectric Nörseman. I'm also going to predict that Mägni and Ketchup get into a tussle, Mägni hammers him with a blow that shakes Yggdrasil and awakens the Frost Giants in Niflheim, and Ketchup cries his way back to Daddy Carlyle .


***Update*** Earl continues to wish he was an Albertan, over at the Battle of California.


Golf clap for the doug christie pic.

But seriously.

Let it go.

I wrote more about this than Grabia? Damn I'm getting wordy.

Doesn't MacT have a new rule about throwing punches and the inherent dangers therein?

I wrote more about this than Grabia? Damn I'm getting wordy.

I had quite a bit ready to go, but I've got to mentally prepare for tonight. Visualize the outcome and all that. It's too bad, too, because I had a great bit about Chris Kunitz being seen at the Medieval Times in Anaheim playing Pippin in a dinner theatre version of the Lord of The Rings.

Gotta watch this one with dad.

Edmonton 4-3 in a shootout with Roli stoning Christie in the SO.

Also, Tigers by one.

Go SportsSelect Go!

And earl is definately worth the read this morning.

Your knowledge of Norse mythology is impressive must have done something right for Karma to deliver you Thoresen as an outlet for it =).

you must have done something right for Karma to deliver you Thoresen as an outlet for it

I was thinking that this morning. It's like a gift from The All-Father himself.

I f#&king hated Beowulf, but at least it was (excruciatingly) long.


I f#&king hated Beowulf, but at least it was (excruciatingly) long.

And excruciatingly Olde English if I recall;)

any good Oil bars on the Northeast end of town where you'd suggest catching the game?

Ya, it's called Red Deer.

Say AG since you're now invoking the name of the All-Father, I've always wondered, whatever happened to the other half of the blokes that Freyya got?

Of course this has nothing to do with hockey or the Oilers so I'll throw in Thoresen's name and a desire to learn about his homeland and their culture as justification. Oh and I'm trying to break the anonymous habit, just so easy to click the button before entering something in.

Roli is doing the bad rebound thing again. I hope it's a one-period fever.

Torres-Pisani-Stoll look fantastic.

Is that Ty Conklin in net? Uggh.

Shoot the fucking puck, Hemsky! I need a drink.

Oh wait. Stoll goal.


I like the term "Stoll Goal." It's universal. If I say, he scored a Stoll Goal, you know exactly what I'm talking about. One-timer. Left side.

I'm liking this whole Stoll/Pisani/Torres line. Well, not so much when Getzlaf scored.

But now it looks like there are three lines who can score.

And the fourth line looks pretty good.

Guess Stoll's slump is officially over.

And guess they still need a dman.

Or two.

Weird. I was typing.

And apparently so were you.

Did you catch Domi at the intermission.

He is so bad that he is good.

He's the Ed Wood movie of sports commentators.

Pisani looks better.

I think he's next to break out.

Agreed. Just awful. And every time I see him, I just think of Belinda and him squinting at each other. Which makes me giggle.

Pisani is working it. Cmon, baby.

Anaheim is really taking the body.

Not much on this PP but five forwards.

Some nice chances. Sykora is so skilled.

Pisani - oh.

Man, he is due.

Is it just me, or has Horcoff barely been on the ice?

Yep, I don't like them. But they're hard at it. I respect that.

Thoresen on the fourth line? Winchester benched? He's been alright.


Good game. Oilers are playing well.

Yup. Reasoner almost has as much icetime as Horc. He must be in the doghouse again.

Pisani is so close. PUSH. PUUUUUSSSSHHHHH.

Naw, he's playing but they're playing Earl's not so secret boyfriend Pahlsson against him at times. And Marchant at others.

Plus that D.

When we play these guys in Cali I think its up to the PP and Stoll and Reasoner - I don't see either Horc or Sykora getting a lot done out there.

Shit goal there.


Three awful goals.

I'm having bad flashbacks.


See, Stoll's line and Shaggy/Smith get a minus there but Roli should have had that.

4 goals on 13 shots.



I would bench him for that. Seriously.

Stupid Blogger.

Hemsky again with a free shot early in the 3rd that he passed on, instead doing that stupid circle around the net he always does. I still can't believe Giggy was beat on that 2nd Stoll Goal. Why would you ever think Hemmer was going to shoot?

How is it that you aren't on some sort of medication to smooth out the highs and the lows Grabia?

I'm channeling Oilers Nation.

4 goals on 13 shots.



And I'm open to being persuaded that Hemsky isn't avoiding shooting. Really, I am. But tonight he looks like he did three years ago. Too passive, pardon the pun.

Okay, did you see that turnover to Marchant? All because Hemsky...

Ok, I'll stop. I annoy people enough on this site.

Oh my, but that was enjoyable. That game had everything.

Hitman alumnus Getzlaf scores 2 (including one from behind the net), Prongley pots three helpers, Rollever lets in 6 goals on a mere 19 shots (SV%=68). Yup, that`s a little more like it.

Go Flames.

3-4-1, Peter. 3-4-1.

pffff ... I'm not the one yakking about the Flames, you guys are. My team wasn't playing tonight, and, it seems to me, neither was yours.

I've always wondered, whatever happened to the other half of the blokes that Freyya got?

The lore doesn't really say anything about it--but it's generally presumed by most that Freyja's chosen are preparing for Ragnarok too.

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