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Oilers Game Day-Canuckleheads

Record: 3-1-0Record: 2-2-1

"Turn Up The Good, Turn Down The Suck."

• I would be more excited about the 3-1-0 start, if that wasn't similar to how the Oilers started off last year. They then proceeded to lose seven games in a row, including the Game That Must Not Be Mentioned. So while I'm optimistic, I'm not yet comfortable with putting us anywhere near the pick of the litter.

• Saturday night, during the 3rd period against the Avs, Greg Millen made a remark about "this being the Oilers team we've come to expect." Or something like that. His point was that the Oilers were skating, creating chances, and scoring. My objection to his point is that it didn't encompass enough of last night's game, because from where I was watching, everything about the game against the Avs was Oilers hockey: a letdown after a big win, no sense of urgency, an awful second period, a predictable and mostly ineffective powerplay that somehow still ekes out a goal, and a whirlwind of effort and intensity at, and only at, the moments when it is absolutely required. My point is that the Oilers still have a lot of bad to go with the good Millen mentioned. Last night, we saw a lot of the bad.

• At one point near the end of the 2nd on Saturday, my girlfriend uttered, "are they drunk?" I couldn't really disagree with her. Besides Roli and Lupul--who looked fantastic defensively, I might add--the Oilers looked like competitors at the Twit Olympics. And they're off!! they're not. Yet they somehow turned it around, won the game, and at their highest points left me once again thinking, "why, exactly, can't they play like this all the time?"

"No Doubt. They're Well Known Homosexuals."

• The Sedins are playing with Naslund on The ABBA Line, The IKEA Line, or whatever the hell you want to call it (personally I like The Cream Line, except for the fact that none of them can pound it out like Ginger Baker). But who the hell else can score on this team?

• Roberto Luongo looked shaky against the Sharks. Here's hoping it continues.

• Mudcrutch has done an excellent analysis of the Canucks. So too has Chris! at Covered in Oil.

Canucks Op Ed and Canucks Hockey Blog will have all the angles from the Canucks end, and I'm sure Tom Benjamin will call Kevin Lowe the anti-Christ sometime tomorrow.

"Now, she should be good-looking, but we're willing to trade looks for a certain... morally casual attitude."

• Am I correct in stating that every single game the Oilers have played this year has been an 8:00 p.m. start?

• Is an injury preventing Traktor Boy from drawing in, or is MacT trying to shatter my confidence? I'd like to see him out on the PP. I think he can do some major damage coming out from the corner. With time, Joe Thornton-like damage.

• What the hell is the deal with Jussi Jokinen and shootouts? And do his goals, which don't count as actual goals, count as game winners in fantasy leagues?

• Shout outs to The Drizzler, Loxy, and all the Oil fans keeping it real at The Black Frog in the Couv.

• This used to be my favorite matchup for the Oilers. Speed, hitting, and two teams that didn't really like each other. With all the turnover on both rosters, I am curious to see if the rivalry will have the same heat.

Prediction: 3-2 Oilers. Smyth, Torres and Pisani.


3-2 Oilers? Is that being polite?
With all that Oiler firepower and the Canucks' lack of....

Nice shout out for the Frog Grabs. Dragged Avi and co. out on Friday night for burgers, beers, and the Oil before we hit the Yo La Tengo show at Richard's. Loxy served and Avi left early so he wouldn't miss the openening act. Why? Well that would just lead to who's on first. But seriously, Why? check them out.

I sure hope we rip the 'Nucks apart. Had to give up freebies which I'm none too happy about. I'm thinkin 5-4 Oil with lot's of ES goals with all my Oilers and 'Nucks from the pool on the ice at the time and low shots on net just to kill my hopes of even taking a game this week.

There will also be no less than 15 ejections, 9 'Nucks fans vs. 6 Oil fans.

Oh yeah, how's this for crazy. Went to the H.O. vs. the Sharks here last Friday. Including carry-over from last season and mankind's eternal greed, the 50/50 rang in at $155,000+ for one lucky dude or dudette. The winning ticket was the cheap one.

5-2 Oil. Thoreson with 1, Sykora with 1, Laco with 1, Fernando with 1, Torres with one. Rollie gets two assists.

Toss Zubov in there. It's unreal that these 2 guys (Jussi and Sergei) have contributed so much to the Stars and their inflated stats from last year in shoot outs, and the trend looks to be continuing this year.

Sedins 'n' Markus line = S.N.M. Line

abba line and ikea line are too gay.

It looks like Pisani will be the new Dvorak in scoring predictions.

I expect the results will be about the same either way.

Go Flames.


andy - Sat. night was shades of the 80's. Lacklustre performance by an indifferent team for most of the night. This team is nowhere near as potent as that team was. Their opponents may be much worse (relatively) than the opponents were in the 80's though.

Mikhnov will not play before Malkin does. How are they supposed to get anything Winch if he's in the PB? Watch for him to get PP time when they have a deal in the works. (Lacroix was brilliant at pumping up guys as he was about to send them off.)

Did you introduce yourself?

Yes, but she kept asking me about you mc, it was totally annoying ;)

abba line and ikea line are too gay.

Dude, this is Vancouver, there is no such thing.


A cute little diminutive of Vancouver never actually used by residents of Vancouver.

I agree that the boys were all over the place Saturday night- they need to bring it together and maintain some kind of focus. How about that double minor on Svatos where the Oil attempted to re-enact the pre-game warm up? Maybe they shared a flat in the locker room between periods. They seemed to be laughing as they skated around in aimlessly until Hejduk's goal. Hemsky in the box again to maintain his enormous PM lead while Smitty was the "sniper." It is like Bizarro Oilers out there. Let's hope Roli pulls it out for us again tonight.

Sedins 'n' Markus line = S.N.M. Line

abba line and ikea line are too gay.

You're pushing an all male S&M threeway, and you think Ikea's gay?

I guess Chris Simon was right.

"Dion, the times change. This is the year 2005 and being gay simply isn't a big deal."

But Dion said nothing.

"You wanted it didn't you? It's okay to admit you like dink."

You've scarred me, Mike. For life.

"It's okay to admit you like dink."

That will never stop being funny.

We're going to drizzle oil all over that s.n.m line. They better keep their hands on their sticks and heads up. We're finally going to jell and get deep in the back of the net.

Reading Canucks Op Ed today, I stumbled upon this link from LCS hockey. They have the best nickname for the line, I think:

The Mattress Line - Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, and Markus Naslund: Two twins and a queen.

I still say Tre Kronor or the Swedish Chefs. The latter because it's the Swedish Chef.

Whoa. Speaking of gay, did anyone else see this line in the Journal article today?

Roloson proudly displayed the new team Hero Award -- a retro, long brown leather coat with a fur trim -- after Sunday's practice in Denver.

That has to be some kind of joke, right? That's even gayer than the Flames "mining" helmet.

You're calling me a worrywart? You? Ha!

We could as easily be 1-3 right now, so I'm not gonna run around screaming "we're gonna win the Cup!" just yet. In my home, sure, but not in public!

Frankly, the Oil should be 1-3. They've delivered two terrific third periods in their last two games and Rolo has been solid. They've also delivered those periods against a gutless San Jose team and a hapless Jose Theodore. Still, a terrific period will probably be all you need to smoke the pretty weak Canuckle-heads.

Go Flames.

Well, with 9 goals for, and 13 goals against, where exactly should the Flames be? Not with two wins, that's for sure.

Happily for both of us, they give the W to the team which gets the most goals in each game. If hockey were judged like figure skating (on technical merit or some other subjective measure) neither of our teams would have winning records.

The jacket is pimpin old skool.... I think Venus Flytrap closet has been raided.
Luongo is the key will see if we can get him moving around. Needs to have the Mullet visit. Maybe Winnie can cruise threw through the crease at Mach 1.6 to see what that scares up.

Naslund always comes up with some wierd goals against the Oil. I agree with most that the Oilers have not played there best or consistent but they are getting it done so go Oilers.

Pies pots 2

It's starting to scare me that my online reputation is preceeding me.

Roberto Luongo looked shaky against the Sharks. Here's hoping it continues.

Luongo is probably the one promissing sign in that game, he actually performed better than average. When allowing 6 goals that's amazing!

Statistically he was expected to allow 6.2 goals (on 37 shots). Meaning the shots were 1.8x harder than average. He actually allowed 6 goals! So he "prevented 0.2 goals". One could say that if the shots were average Luongo would need to see 67 shots to experience the same difficulty...

That might help explain how poorly the Canucks played!

I think Pisani is due for one tonight. Depsite all the mild disrespect towards the Canucks they are a much better team this year than many are giving them credit for.

Raffi scores! One for three so far, Andy.

I can also moonwalk.

Bah. It's not the first time a guy named Salo has screwed the Oil over.

Well. That did not go as planned.

It's starting to scare me that my online reputation is preceeding me.

Glad you got the joke, but it was just that. A joke. No harm intended.

And I agree with Tyler's assessment. If there is a guy that any girl should want to dat, it's The Drizzler. He goes all out for his ladies.

And yes, Cosh, LCS is back up.

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