Saturday, October 07, 2006


Battle of Alberta II

Record: 1-0-0Record: 0-1-0

Not much to say, really. I will note that I'm expecting this game to be more physical than the last. Calgary is going to come out hard, as they are at home, where the locals are already sipping the Kool-Aid. Weathering the storm is therefore the likely recipe for success, as well as discipline and effective special teams play. Everything else we've covered.

Grabia's Prediction: 4-1 Oilers. Pisani, Lupul, Torres and Smytty. Hemsky gets two assists, despite being followed around by Dion Phaneuf all night.


I gotta say, Torres looks like he's used to it.

"I gotta say, Torres looks like he's used to it."

Gaining position on a defender in front of the net? I couldn't agree with you more.

I see this went over like a lead baloon.

Oh, you're all busy cheering for the Tigers, right? That's cool, then. I also hate the Yankees. GOOOOO Tigers!!!!

"GOOOOO Tigers!!!!"

Thank-you for opening this can o' worms. How giddy am I right now? I love the Tigers more than I hate the Yankees. I would love to see Verlander establish himself by capping a very solid year with a memorable performance in the series. Pudge, Maggs, and Guillen (especially Guillen) are hitting beachballs, and the bottom of the line-up is just quietly talented.

If you love the Oil you have to love the Tigers. Rising from the shit-pile, putting the pieces together, and getting competitive in what? Three seasons.

And don't feel bad Andy. People are just hung over from last night, and Flames fans aren't that creative.

Caption 1) "Is it in yet?"

Caption 2) "Flames fall to Oilers... again."

or "Flames no match for Oil."

or "Flames suck."

For pic #2, my caption is "Skating is hard!"

2) Oooh Roli, will this net always be between us?


Lets go A's!

We're all happy that the Yankees lost, but I hope the Drizzler didn't get injured while hurtling himself onto the Tigers bandwagon.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I've always loved the Tigers. They are, like, my favorite team in the whole AL Central.

I had Pudge, Maggs, Guillen, Inge, Verlander and Miner working for me in fantasy baseball land. They are going to win the whole thing.

Caption 2) Roli: Dude, you just fell on your ass in front of A LOT of people.

Pic 2:

"I'm exausted from that ½ hour flight."


1) The shot of Smyth's nostrils during the anthem was not necessary

2) Hey-O! for Hughson

3) Hemsky needs an escort

Well, Tanguay got a lot better in the second half.

Both teams missed a bunch of chances

Good game, but the best team won. Get used to it.

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