Thursday, September 28, 2006


Widget...Widget Good

I'm going to ask Cosh to stay up in the show for a week longer, but I just wanted to throw a quick link up that I thought some of the other ├╝ber-dorks like me might enjoy. It's a site called Hockey Widgets, and it is a site of, well, hockey widgets. They also have widgets for other sports, but those are irrelevant here. On his blog, the owner of the site indicates that he will have an NHL season schedule widget available for download next week, but in the meantime fans can download widgets for all their favorite NHL teams.

Oilers fans will notice that the newest Oilers widget still has (cough) Pronger (cough) on it, but they are all pretty awesome. It should also be noted that the Oilers have four widgets, while the Flames only have two. If a widget were to be awarded for every Stanley Cup won, that would make the Flames the equivalent of Prince Edward Island in the House of Commons. That is to say, grossly overrepresented. Of course the Oilers would share the same burden as so many other great powers, held back by the envious mauling of the unwashed.

By the by, I don't have the time right now, but if anyone out there were to decide to create a cool, highly operational and aesthetically pleasing widget for this site, I certainly wouldn't mind. If not, I'll learn and toil at another time.


I'd rather see hockey back in pog form.

that was gold, achtungbaby.

Here's a real good widget, for the Flames.

it can be switched between showing the last game scores/next game or showing the standings in the NW Division.

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