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I was supposed to have a live draft for a football league at 7:30 MDT tonight. On Yahoo. At about 6:30, you couldn't access the Yahoo Sports page or the Yahoo Fantasy page. At about 6:45, you could get the Sports page, but not the Fantasy page. By 7, you could get into your league page, but the draft room wasn't there. It is now 8:23, and the draft room is still not up. Yahoo doesn't even seem to be doing an autodraft based on pre-rankings. There have been no messages sent to me as Commissioner, and no messages are on the Team Page either, letting us know the status of our draft. I have sent Yahoo an email, and there has been no response.

Twelve guys just wasted a few hours of their Friday night. They probably put in several hours in prep work before that, too. We probably won't here anything back from Yahoo until Tuesday, at the earliest. So now I have to email everyone over again, and try and set up a new draft with a new site. A site that works.

The moral of the story? Don't use Yahoo. Spread the word.


It is apparently happening to others, too. Be warned!!!

I've been using CBS Sportsline for a few years for hockey and baseball pools. Always been a reliable site, though their hockey coverage is usally piss poor until about mid December :/

For football pools, though, I run my own site and do all the scoring myself. Only eight teams in the CFL, so it isn't hard :P

My problem with CBS is that the site is so slow.

Never really had any problems with Yahoo myself. Might just be that there was a crazy number of people trying to do their drafts the weekend before kickoff. Maybe schedule it a week earlier next time, hehe.

I just plain don't use Yahoo! after the two journalist they helped set up and send to prison in China.

Helping the Chinese government send peaceful dissidents to prison? Instant cessation of use of all that is Yahoo! and a clearly worded email to them stating why.

I have family in Chinese prison...for nothing more illegal that speaking their mind...any motherf**ker that helps the Chinese government in that regard should have their genitals rot off from the insides and then be struck down by lightning.

Paraphrase from the Yahoo! PR guy: We didn't do anything wrong, they asked use for information and we provided them the identity of the user of one of our e-mail accounts and the data he sent over our was in complete compliance with Chinese law. In Chinese law currently the governemnt can do anything they want...unjust laws aren't laws that should be respected. Saying you don't like Communism is punishable by prison. WTF, all the guy did was forward a gag order sent to all journalists saying that they weren't to talk about Tianemen Square on the anniversary or else, now he's rotting in prison for 10 years and will never be able to work as a journalist again...if he makes it out of prison alive...

Yahoo? Yeah, f**k thost f**king f**kers. Oh, it's interesting that they started cozying up to the Chinese Government after they invested 1 billion dollars into a Chinese auction website. Google on the other hand says that they specifically don't have ANY servers in China so they don't have to comply with any requests by the Chinese government. I still don't like thier new limited Chinese website, but hey, they're not willing to sell people's lives for the almighty dollar.

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