Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Surprised that the Flyers made an offer to Kesler?

Not if you read The Battle of Alberta, you weren't!

The linked thread has a bunch of good comments about signing RFAs, including several that address (A) putting the squeeze on teams in cap trouble, and (B) targetting <$2M/yr players. And gee, guess which young NHLer was held out as a prime target in both senses.

Matt Fenwick
Candyland Island, AB (*)

INSTANT UPDATE: I gotta give props to Bobby Clarke. I think he got a great deal on Gagne. And Ryan Kesler turned 22 less than two weeks ago; if he becomes a Top 6 forward by the end of this year, then even if Clarke "overpaid" for the upcoming season's performance, he'll easily recover that investment over the subsequent 3/4/5 years.


I do not think he got a great deal on Gagne, but if he can sign Kesler to a four or five year contract at 1.9 million each year, then maybe he'll have a bargain.

For this upcoming season, however, Kesler is not worth that kind of money. $200,000 per goal? Are you kidding me?

Is anyone surprised that it was Clarke that tried this? I'm not. It's funny. I've long thought the unspoken rule on the RFA status was ridiculous, because it essentially eliminated the FA part of that status. But when I see that Clarke tried it, it makes me think of it as a slimy move. I must really dislike the guy.

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