Sunday, September 17, 2006


So, Umm... I supposed to comment on pre-season games now? I'm not going to lie, I totally forgot about the game against the Jets Coyotes tonight. It looks like we won 5-0, and Traktor boy potted 3 points. That's all I got. Sorry. I'm actually busy as hell right now, so I might not be on track with this until later in the week. It's strange. I actually feel weirder about covering pre-season games than I do about spending last Sunday morning in a Leduc rink I haven't been in since I was 12 (I scored a highlight reel goal that day, by the way, capping off an amazing pre-pubescent hockey career. I moved onto D&D and dry-humping shortly thereafter). Go check out CoI for full coverage on tonight's game.

***Update*** Did anyone else see who The Score had covering the Oilers in Grande Prairie? I shouldn't mention her name, because apparently I might get a cease and desist order from her lawyer (I'd link, you know, but that would probably be deemed "irresponsible", sourcing be damned). But I just about spit up my left nut. She did a piece on Joffrey Lupul, and I had the shakes the entire time. I know. I know. It's not true. But it makes you wonder if The Score is intentionally trying to mind-fuck a million Oilers fans.


Could it be the inimitable CC? Say it ain't so, Joe!

And really, all you need to take out of it is that Phillipe Sauve is not an NHL goaltender.

After reading your review of the rookie game, they probably shouldn't let her interview Robbie Schremp.

Busy as hell - what, you going on another vacation?

Now I'm curious about who this mysterious woman is...

It is CC. And I agree, keep her away from Schremp. In fact, keep every woman away from Schremp.

And I do have busy periods, BDHS.

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