Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Silver(ware) Anniversary


I've had a realization.

We are entering the 25th season for the current on-ice incarnation of the Battle of Alberta. Yes, the first season with the Flames in the Smythe Conference was 1981-82. In 80-81 they were in Calgary but stuck in the Patrick Division with the Islanders, Flyers, Rangers and Caps (while we had St Louis, Colorado and Winnipeg).

At the very least you need to work some sort of 25th anniversary logo into your side-bar/header.


p.s. The first game against Calgary that season was an 8-4 win at home on October 16, 1981. That was followed by an October 20th win in Calgary (5-4). The teams split the next pair of games, the Oil winning away (5-4, Dec. 17), and losing at home (5-7, Dec. 19). They also split their third pairing in January (7-2, Jan 9/82 at home; 1-5, Jan 10/82 at Calgary). The season ended with a 3-3 tie at home on March 19, 1982 and a 7-2 win in Calgary on March 25, 1982. Final results for the Oilers from that glorious first season: 5 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie, and 43 goals to 29 (an average of 9 goals per game).

Game log here.

And it stayed that way, happily ever after. THE END.


Young men, hockey did not begin at the onset of the unbalanced division schedule. In 1980-81, a year which I'm quite certain remains on the books (e.g. some whiny douche broke the scoring record), every team played every other team exactly 4 times:
CGY 3 @ EDM 5
EDM 3 @ CGY 5
CGY 10 @ EDM 4
EDM 3 @ CGY 3

However, if we're picking arbitrary start dates, I'll take 1984 after the Oilers won their first Cup; I believe the Flames are about 25 games over .500 in the BoA since then.

matt, and they're still behind by 3 Cups since then. neener! :)

Unrelated question (but go Oil, GO!):

What is the best free web hockey pool manager out there? I am thinking of a pool to raise money in our company for United Way - what would be the best?




The best hockey pool manager in the world is at

It's not free, but the cost is pretty nominal ($1 per player, I think - and those are Canadian dollars).

Go Flames

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