Friday, September 01, 2006


No Charlestown Chiefs?

The Oilers announced their Minor League affiliates today. Jesus H. Christ. Six teams, with our players losing out to players from the Stars, Canadiens, Predators, Wings, and Penguins. Super. Would it have killed them to hold on to the Roadrunners for a couple more seasons?


Yeah, what the hell? It seems like the Oilers aren't taking the AHL seriously.

If Dallas can put a team in Des Moines, Iowa, what's it going to take for the Oilers to get an AHL team?

Having spots 13-15 on four rosters is better than having spots 13-24 on one roster. Makes for more minutes for each player.

But it is no where near as good as having spots 1-12 on one roster for your own guys.

Gotta see where the goalies go....

I think that one goes with Schremp to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton as Fleury has graduated and Caron was traded.

the main part of this speech, Laviolette told a funny story about superstitions in the NHL as the Hurricanes were playing against the Edmonton Oilers in the ...
Thunder president Dan Chapman and coach Chris Cichocki confirmed the Thunder will be affiliated with the Edmonton Oilers for the 2006-07 season. The contract should be ratified by today, and Stockton will serve as Edmonton's ECHL team.

Sweet. I remember an old Wings hockey card that had the pronunciation of "Cichocki" on the back.

I dunno, I'll take 'em. Owning an AHL franchise must not be a great deal.

Also, Wilkes-Barrie has the best logo in the Universe.

That is one badass looking penguin.

Um, so the Admirals are represented by a... skull? Can someone piece together that logic for me?

Here you go. The name came from a brand of refrigerators in the owner's store. I actually prefer the first "skating sailor mascot". It's got an Andy Capp vibe to it that is far superior to even the penguin on the Wilkes-Barrie logo.

Hmm, and Ben Sheets is an owner. I now approve.

Here's the official, and oddly somewhat unsettling,

Announcing that your logo is the skull of a dead player seems more than a bit bizarre.

Apparently I screwed up my html there.


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