Sunday, September 03, 2006


Keenan Quits

What a bizarre summer. Pronger. Malkin. Snow. And now Mike Keenan resigns. It's more likely, given Keenan's history, that he was canned. Abboud delivers the Marv Albert of the day (YES!) over at SportsMatters:
"Rumors that Ed Belfour will retire and assume the role of GM are, at this time, unconfirmed."

Of course, my mind went immediately to the idea of getting Bouwmeester while the organization is in turmoil. It's unlikely, as Jacques Martin is taking over for Keenan, but I still thought it. Some dreams never die.


I wonder how many Panthers fans are thinking "couldn't he have quit before trading Roberto Luongo?"

This might be a rhetorical question, because it assumes that there are hockey fans in southern Florida.

This was a shocking turn of events, without a doubt. I agree with you Alex, he should have sent his resignation in before he decided to quit the team.

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