Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Carnival of the Groin Updates's Ice Chips today, I think, represents a remarkable milestone in sports journalism (what an age we live in!). Let me sum it up for you:
...left before the end of practice yesterday, being cautious after groin-strain troubles... groin problem... slight groin pull... left the ice early Tuesday after feeling some discomfort in his groin... groin strain... an ailing groin had kept him out for the first 10 days of camp... has played in one exhibition game because his groin is bothering him... groin and hip issues kept him out of Sunday's game... missed Carolina's preseason games last weekend with a sore groin... (groin)... a "sore groin."...

Uh, Kipper still stretches for 90 minutes before every game, right?


I think the biggest contributor to the groin problems is bad ice. Its harder to plant your foot on slush.

Of course the players may not be in mid-season form yet as well - but they tend to come to camp in very good shape. When its still warm in Septm,eber the ice quality isd worse than mid-season ice.

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