Monday, September 04, 2006


Battle of Alberta: CFL Division

Hey Hey Hey. Today is the Big Labour Day Tilt between the Stamps and the Eskimos, and since Grabia distains the CFL I thought I better come out of my semi-retirement.

As seems to have been the general pattern while I was away for the summer, the Eskimos have fallen apart at the seams and are on the verge of missing playoffs for the first time in 35 years. A feat all the more incredible considering that they are the defending Grey Cup champions, and that only one team in the West is eliminated after the regular season. Sigh.

The Stamps have won three in a row, the Eskimos have lost four of their last five. Sounds like a game ripe for an upset -- especially with Stampeders Nik Lewis shooting off his mouth:
"I mean , seriously, should any game be close with us? We have, by far, the best team in the CFL on paper."

Gawd, even Ned Flanders gets in on the act:
"No ifs ands or butts, we feel we're a very good football team and, in order for somebody to beat us, we have to beat ourselves."

Plus, haven't the Eskies won 6 of the last 7 Labour Day Classics?

Prediction: Horse for dinner

As an added bonus, Old Man Sacamano (a born 'n' bred Calgarian and fanatical Stampeders fan) is taking me to the game this afternoon. Sadly, the weather prediction is 31 degrees, and the only tickets remaining were on the sunny side of the stadium -- in the family fun zone (read: no beer allowed). Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to watching Ricky rip the Stamp's secondary apart and seeing how quickly it takes Calgary's Burris to get yanked. You can't seriously tell me that over the summer that joker became a legitimate QB.

As usual, CanadianRules has better commentary. They actually, you know, follow the CFL 'n' stuff.


Ricky Ray will be stomped. The Grey Cup was won my Maas, and it should be Ray banished to the purgatory of Hamilton. I'll be personally there to witness Burris outsmart the Eskies secondary, as with the help of Old McManus he has indeed become a force to be rekoned with.

The white horse will run, the Green and Gold will flounder, and Edmonton's playoff streak will come to a long awaited end.

Ray didn't even see the field during they Grey Cup.

If you're going to talk trash, at least check the facts.

Thanks for the link, guy. Maybe someday we'll have witty commentary instead of our boring previews/postgames. You never know :P

You know that Edmonton is going to get demolished for pretty much the rest of the year, right? The Oline is falling apart, and despite the talent they have at RB, receiver and QB, the Oline is your meat and potatoes. They need to get that line together or they are boned. And Burris? Well, I'm required, by Saskatchewan law, to detest him until the end of time :)

Hey, Sac, next time stay semi-retired.

Ray didn't even see the field during they Grey Cup. If you're going to talk trash, at least check the facts.

Say what? Which game were you watching? In the Grey Cup I watched (you know the one that actually happened) Ricky Ray was named the Game's Outstanding Player.

As for yesterday's game -- about the only good thing I can say is that it turned out we were not in the beer-free zone. It would have been unbearable otherwise

I'm guessing an Eskimo victory prediction was from the same crystal ball that kept predicting Dvorak goals.

Here now, lay off Sacs. It's not his fault he's a misguided Eskies fan. It says so right there...he's misguided. If he was smart, he'd switch over to the Green and White right now ;)

Wow. It's amazing what a lack of sleep can do for someone.

Of course, that was supposed to say MAAS, not RAY. As a response to "The Grey Cup was won my Maas."

Obviously Ray played a hell of a game. Apparently I need to proofread before I post. Geez.

And I don't think the Esks get blown out for ALL of the rest of the year.

They should at least get a split against Hamilton.

This season is so depressing, I might as well switch over to the green and white.

Only a split with Hamilton? Come on. They're going to dominate them. And yesterday, the Eskies played pretty good. Two bad plays (ahem, two bad calls by the refs), and it's a different game!

That was a bit tongue in cheek.

I think they can beat Hamilton twice. But honestly, if Hamilton is going to beat anyone, I can see it being the Eskimos in yet another stroke of bad luck that could have been avoided by playing better in the first half.

The positive at this point is that they're playing the team they need to catch twice before the end of the year. The playoffs are still possible, but they'll probably have to win at least 5 of 7, and that'll be pretty tough for this team.

It's funny how people in the West and Quebec think the CFL is real....

It's funny how arrogant pricks who hide behind the "anonymous" tag assume it isn't, just because they don't like it.

"people in the West and Quebec think the CFL is real"...

I'm from Toronto, and it's been a while since I was lonely at an Argos game... is our anon. friend from Hamilton? Or a bitter ex-Ottawa 'fan'?

Naw, our anonymous friend is a closet NFL guy, who has the misguided belief that the NFL is, in fact, entertaining on a consistent basis, and anything less than that is fake. Too bad for you, Mr. Anon, because you're missing out on the best football in North America.

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