Monday, August 14, 2006


Oilers National Broadcast Schedule Released

I know this is old news, but I've been busy getting attacked by rain, wind, hail and sun for the past four days, so I couldn't get to it any earlier.

Battle of Alberta Dates
October 5: Calgary @ Edmonton (CBC)
January 13:Edmonton @ Calgary (CBC)
January 20: Calgary @ Edmonton (CBC)
March 3: Calgary @ Edmonton (CBC)
April 7: Edmonton @ Calgary (CBC)

Other Notable Dates
October 25: Edmonton @ Anaheim (TSN)
October 28: Washington @ Edmonton (CBC)
December 6: Carolina @ Edmonton (TSN))
February 17: Edmonton @ Toronto (CBC)


• There is a large amount of national coverage in October, then it becomes more sporadic throughout the year.

• Interestingly, only one game against the Canucks will be a national broadcast, whereas there will be two Avalanche games shown.

• Local coverage and PPV have not yet been announced.

• The full, non-televised schedule is here.

• I should also note that UofA athletics has a date up for the Bears/Oilers Rookies game. It's on September 12. If any of you haven't been out to see this game before, I highly suggest it. It usually involves the Bears kicking the crap out of the rookies, but it might be different this year. I''m hoping for a Mikhnov/Pouliot/Schremp first line, personally, and a 12-9 Sscore. Plus, it's always fun to be two rows away from Oilers royalty. Semenko, MacT, and Lowe usually sit in the stands, and many of the Oilers veterans watch from the Zamboni area.

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