Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Odds & Ends

• Avi has a great post up at SportsMatters on the Hasek signing.

• Dean McAmmond will not be an Oiler next year, as he has signed with the Senators.

• An arbitrator awarded Buffalo Sabres forward J.P. Dumont $2.9 million dollars for scoring 40 points. That's almost the same amount of money Maxim Afinogenov received in not going to arbitration, despite the fact he scored 73 points last year. I'll leave it at that.

• Irish Blues numbers are now much more aligned with what many of us were looking for (cap space). Cantaloupe Halves appears to be the name behind those numbers on the Shaw webpage. Take a look at both if you want to know where teams stand on the salary cap this year.


Dumont had 40 points in 53 games, which would work out to around 62 points if he had played the whole year. His point total alone does not give the full picture.

That being said, 2,9 million for JP Dumont? Jeeez, when will this madness end?

When the Oilers pay about the same for Sykora?

Irish blues? Cantaloupe halves? I can't understand what you are saying anymore.

My sentiments exactly. There seems to be a clique of guys who like numbers and fetishized names. Irish, Cantaloupe, Mudcrutch, Mr. Ferrari...

I guess "Mudcrutch" is some kind of Tom Petty reference. I hope that doesn't indicate some kind of passionate feeling toward Petty--seeing the poetry in cheap, innocuous utilitarian objects is all very well, but really digging Tom Petty would be like ordering tofu for your last meal on Death Row.

Easy there Cosh. I know it's not as cool as Finnish death metal but Petty can bring it. Obviously, he's no Springsteen, but cars, chicks and Vietnam aren't the easieest things in the world to write about.

But then again, you could just sing the words "Cars, Chicks and Vietnam" through your nose to the same tune that Tom Petty has been using for all his songs since 1977. That might work.

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