Monday, August 14, 2006


Nixon in China

If only Nixon could go to China, then only Lowetide could utter the following:
...but to me Wayne Gretzky was the poster boy for what I did not like about the Edmonton Oilers.

Virtual silence in his comments, except for the utes. No threats of excommunication from the Oilogosphere--not even so much as a word of criticism. I'm fascinated: talk about credibility and respect.


Well he's not that bright so I suspect no one bothered to get into a discussion with him. I thought someone would call me on the statement "Glenn Anderson doesn't belong in the HHOF" but the response was solid on both sides.

Wait until my next post "Paul Coffey that big fat pig!"

So, um... just what DIDN'T you like about the guy? I imagine he must have taken an enormously long shift or two that denied some obscure Finnish prospect his 100 AB's or somesuch other LT-specific atrocity.

Well Matt, if a Flames fan said "Personally, I really dislike Kippersoft for playing so well in goal and allowing the Flames to play an offensively stunted game. I'd be glad if he were traded for nothing just to force them to play better hockey." You'd probably be stunned and not really know where to begin either..

"I dislike Gretzky because when we had him my team was too good." - I paraphrase, but that was the gist of it.

Really, what is there to say about a statement like that. It pretty much summed up my feelings about Wayne Whiner in the 80's. Course, he did not play for my team, but still.

I was quiet on LT's post because I agreed. Apparently I'm in a minority.

I don't think anyone argued that his skill helped the team win, and that was great. But his obscene level of skill was representative of the "born with a silver spoon" sense of entitlement, and arrogance, that the team took into its games. Instead of being happy with winning, they assumed they were going to win, and tried to make it as humiliating as possible. In the end, they ended up losing a lot of games they shouldn't have because they were looking ahead to the post-game praise and party.

It's great that they won so much, and it makes for a great history, but the attitude and the dominance made them less exciting to follow than last year's team.

Yes, I agree. I also disliked the predictable way Kurri would one-time the puck into the net off of some perfect little feed (yawn). I really hated that solid goaltending tandem we had, too! Where's the Conkannenesque thrill of knowing that a shot - any shot - could end up in the back of the net? Secretly, all through the 80's, I wished I were a Canucks fan, just so I wouldn't have to endure the sheer monotony of all that winning.

Seriously, isn't that what '82, '83 and '86 were all about? Didn't we lose painfully those years with that team? Weren't those losses sufficiently painful that we have to bemoan the winning we did, or the way we did it? Lowetide has interesting opinions, which is why I read his blog all the time. I don't always agree, but that's part of the fun - of this blog too.

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