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A couple of interesting links were sent to me today, and I thought I'd throw them up. Thanks to jhuck, who sent a link to Hockey's 10 Most Embarrassing Moments from Sports Illustrated. And thanks to Abboud for sending me a new Paul Lukas link, wherein he goes after the aesthetic value of Cooperalls. My own take is this:

1) Loved the Cooperalls. I had a set myself, as a kid. Loved them. Looked great on the Whale, and looked great on the Flyers. If memory serves me correct, Bill Barber was wearing them the night Gretz scored his record-setting 50th.

2) The Schoenfeld/Koharski incident should be nominated as one of the greatest moments in hockey history, not one of the most embarrassing. I saw it live on TSN, and I still giggle my ass off when I see the clip.

3) The Patrick Roy play in 2002 is also a highlight of my hockey viewing life. Really embarrassing was the spaz attack that got him traded to Colorado.

4) What's really embarrassing about #1 is that the Flames still couldn't win the Cup that year, despite our charity. The next year Slats was like, "Fuck it. We rolled over for them and they still couldn't seal the deal. We're going all the way this year." And then they did.


For those who have never seen it, here's the YouTube link for the Schoenfeld/Koharski incident. So good.

The real beauty of that clip is seeing Ray Scapinello, who was probably about 4'11", holding off the 6'2" Schoenfeld with a look of untroubled patience on his face. I'm convinced that if it came to a fight, Scapinello would have plunged his nose into Schoenfeld's guts like a hyena and physically devoured him from the inside out.

"Have another donut, ya fat pig!"

Fantastic. And not just what he says, but the way he says it: "have another dooouuugh-NUT..."

One of the greatest moments? You've got my vote.

Scapinello was probably so used to keeping enforcers from tearing each other apart it was just second nature.

...and I pressed enter before finishing the thought.

It still looks pretty damned funny, though. Kind of like that picture on Lowetide's site with all the other Oilers celebrating the goal celebrating right over Bergeron's head.

Larry Brooks with the brown hair and glasses is also hilarious.

And how is this word verification for the ultimate irony? I shit you not.

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