Thursday, August 31, 2006


Little Big Man, Redux

Inspired by Matt's look at the greatest Flame ever, I thought I'd throw out a similar question to Oilers fans. Looking at this list of all-time players, tell me: which Flame do you f@**ng hate the most?

In the 15 or so minutes I put into thinking about this, I heard support for Hunter, Gilmour, Macoun,Tonelli, Natress, Roberts, Nieuwendyk, Peplinksi, Risebrough, Stern, Suter, among others. I've been thinking about it since, and:

I don't want to consider Jarome (or for that matter, Kipper) right now. If the next couple of years brings a presentation of the Big Trophy, I suspect either will top future versions of this discussion, hands-down.

If I wanted to do this analytically, and build the tightest possible case for my choice, I'd probably end up going with Joel Otto. He was very, very annoying for a lot of years; was constantly praised for no apparent reason; and was the deserving winner of the Never Be(at) Mark Messier Award in Calgary's perpetual defeats at the hands of the Oilers.

But in the end, I have to go with Theoren Fleury, and not just because I have a soft spot for people who like to drink. I think Fleury is the answer to all three of these questions:

  1. Who was the Flames' MDP (Most Douchebag-y Player) for the greatest number of seasons?
  2. Which Flame made me the most angry when he scored?
  3. Who was the Flame I wanted to see beat up the most?

And that's good enough for me.


Given the choice between going back in time and killing Hitler in 1932 or kicking Tonelli really hard in the balls just once, I think my first action would be to head to the shoe store for new Timberlands. Suter's a very close second.

In retrospect I don't know why I was so worried about the possibility of the Flames winning the cup - if Paul Martin walking around in your team's sweater isn't the kiss of death I don't know what is.

Fleury. All the way.

Has to be Fleury... do you remember when he scored that Game Winner in Game 6 and did his little dive on his knees at center ice? Made me so angry...

Neil Sheehy was a thorn in the side of many Oilers.

so many choices--i even hated their trainer and lanny . I always wanted someone to smash old run and hide pepper peplinski in his face and was quite happy when don jackson managed to get him in a fight. but it is hard to overlook any of the number of gutless pukes already mentioned.

I would have thought the obvious answer an Oilers fan would give to 'most hated flame' would be 'steve smith'.

Speaking as a Flames fan, my most hated Flame was and remains Theo. Loved the game six overtime goal. Hated just about every other thing about him. And he was on my team!

Tikannen got even with Fleury for that little song and dance.

Here's my question: why haven't the Oilers and Flames put out like a ten DVD set of all those old games? Who wouldn't buy them? I bet it has something to do with those communists at the CBC. Maybe the NHL will put classic games online, similar to what they do with MLB.

My vote would have to go to Badger Bob and his repulsive trap that he invented to control the Oilers far superior skills, and in doing, ruined hockey for a generation. I shouldn't say bad things about the dead, but once a year I see him pulling on his huge honking nose (yet again!!) on ESPN Classic and I feel like jamming his stupid notepad where the sun don't shine!
That being said, I don't mind Cosh's answer at all.

Who are these "Flames" you speak of?

I vote for Sheehy as well. He was always such a p***y, starting stuff and then hiding behind the ref or Hunter. Suter is a close second for what he did to Gretzky.


Harvey the Hound....

and MacT's got my back on that selection.

"Given the choice between going back in time and killing Hitler in 1932..." - Red Alert reference?

Sergei Priakin - commie bastard taking a job away from a good Canadian boy!!

Sorry - just channelling a little Donald S.

Speaking of Commies, I always hated Makarov for getting the Rookie of the Year award.

Can't I say I hate them all equally? Cause I really do.

Ok ok, I particularly hated Lanny and that damn 'stache. But my hate for the 'stache pales in comparison to my hate for Fleury! I have enjoyed watching his fall!

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