Monday, August 21, 2006


Game On

Odd Man Rush is back, and has a look at this year's crop of hockey video games. EA Sports will release NHL 07 on September 14, 2006, with Alexander Ovechkin on the cover. One of my favorite things about this year's game is the introduction of the Dynasty Mode, which includes a salary cap. A teaser trailer is here, and you can catch a quick vignette of the Oilers here. Anyone looking for some information on sports cover curses can see my post on the issue at SportsMatters.


On the Oiler clip, whats with Hemsky giving the "Jagr salute"? I have never seen him do that. And having the 2 small oiler logos at center ice instead the big one that they had last year. The clip was maybe 15 seconds and they got just about everything wrong. Damn you EA........Damn you.

Every team's clip is the same, so the attention to detail isn't really there. If you go to the EA Soprts website, they're all the same with players and logos inserted.

Don't damn EA, it's just a teaser. Hopefully the details will be better when played.

If you want an addicting hockey game, go check out Eastside Hockey Manager. No graphic candy, but great simulation.
New version out next month, but you should be able to get the playable demo of last years version for now.

- Ken

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