Saturday, August 05, 2006


Don't Drink & Sleds

This is likely old news to some, but I just found out about it this evening. It appears that the $200 dollars I was willing to throw down for an Alexei Mikhnov jersey will be pointless this year. I was totally prepared to be his bitch, too. It looks like the Oilers were pretty confident in his abilities. Look at what Kevin Prendergast had to say:

"It's too bad. I know Mikhnov could take (Sergei) Samsonov's spot on our second line this year," said Prendergast.

A 2nd line left-winger, already? Ahead of Torres, Lupul, and Moreau? Very interesting. Maybe we could start raising money to get him out ourselves.


Damn. Now I wish I never saw that goddamn youtube clip.

Looks like they going for him anyway... this was on TSN....

"With no signed Russian player transfer agreement with the National Hockey League this year, the Oilers' first-round pick in the 2000 NHL draft, Alexei Mikhnov, is taking a page out of Russian labour law to hopefully exit Yaroslavl. "Mikhnov has already given his 14-day written notice to the Yaroslavl team that he wants to leave," said his agent Don Meehan, acknowledging the statute that allows employees to leave employers with little fuss. It has never been used by a hockey player. - Edmonton Journal"

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