Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Collecting Dust

Paulina Gretzky has a single up on iTunes. I don't know if this link will work or not. You may have to go into iTunes yourself and look for it. The song was released on July 24, but this is the first time I have heard or seen anything about it. I can't even...

Ooh! Paulina has a mySpace page, and a website. You can take a listen on either one. Looks like the song was featured on everyone's favorite television show, Laguna Beach 2. And a new song will be on Episode II of Season 3.

I wish only the best for Ms. Gretzky, and only have one piece of advice for her. Consider it a tip from an older, wiser man: don't add this guy to your group of mySpace friends. He and his banana are nothing but trouble.


Man, that's the kind of girl Doug Gilmour would leave his wife for.

Man. Between being married to an increasingly haggard slave of Gamblor, and having a daughter who's rocking the gothic-lolita look like a pro before she turns 18, I kinda find myself not actually envying Gretzky.

Gamblor!!! I love it!

Doug Gilmour.


She is streets ahead of Brooke Hogan in the "Battle of the Musical Daughters of my mid-80s Childhood Heroes".


Scooped again!

"Doug! Get off the babysitter!"

The cover for that single looks oddly familar.

is she an oilers fan?

Grabia, I gotta be honest, I find it a little odd that you were that familiar Christina Aguillera's album artwork....

I was on the Chapters page, and saw it there. I don't have a problem with her, though. I'm not buying any of her stuff, mind you, but she can sing. I saw a interview with my man-crush Chuck Klosterman on Amazon Fishbowl, and he made a really good point: five years ago, would you have predicted that she would be a bigger, more sane star than Britney?


Since you brought her up...


I think it'll crack you up. Did me.

Between being married to an increasingly haggard slave of Gamblor

Context matters. You need to compare her to other mid 40's mothers of five. Melvin Mora's wife has to be 10 years younger and I'd say Janet's hotter. Add in the expected decline through age and it's a clear win for Gretz.

Plus, I'm pretty sure that it's Canadian law that Gretzky can nail whoever he wants within Canadian borders and no one will mention it.

An aside, my favourite Gretzky story. My cousin was in France for some thing with a buddy. His buddy gets just destroyed and goes to get more money to get drunker. He passes out at the bank machine. He comes to with someone shaking him going "Hey, buddy...you ok?" The response "Holy shit, you're Wayne Gretzky!" It was. The man is an icon, if a shitty assembler of hockey teams and his wife must not be criticized.

Why is Gwen Stefani blocking the way?

if a shitty assembler of hockey teams

Haha...so true.

nothing to do with Paulina, but interesting so I needed a place to post...

I think I've found one more reason why the oilers struggled in the regular season.

This list is the 25 players who led the league with the most giveaways... a lot of copper-n-blue in that list.

| last_name | team | cnt |
| KOVALCHUK | ATL | 127 |
| HEMSKY | EDM | 123 |
| THORNTON | S.J | 112 |
| PRONGER | EDM | 110 |
| JAGR | NYR | 109 |
| ZUBOV | DAL | 103 |
| RAFALSKI | N.J | 97 |
| SAVARD | ATL | 94 |
| SPEZZA | OTT | 93 |
| MODANO | DAL | 93 |
| SMITH | EDM | 89 |
| GOMEZ | N.J | 89 |
| MARLEAU | S.J | 89 |
| OVECHKIN | WSH | 88 |
| SOURAY | MTL | 85 |
| DIPIETRO | NYI | 84 |
| WHITE | N.J | 84 |
| MORROW | DAL | 83 |
| MARKOV | MTL | 82 |
| TORRES | EDM | 82 |
| MCCABE | TOR | 82 |
| CHARA | OTT | 81 |
| HORCOFF | EDM | 78 |
| SMYTH | EDM | 78 |

actually Thornton was worst -- forgot to include his time in boston

| last_name | team | cnt |
| THORNTON | S.J | 112 |
| THORNTON | BOS | 17 |

I'd redirect that to IOF, personally, since that's where they're talking about Edmonton's ES deficiencies last year.

Wait, I don't see any Flames players on that list... ;P

- Randy

True, but you wouldn't see any of the Flames on the top 100 in scoring last season, either (rimshot!)

Drunk, passed out at a bank machine, and you get shaked awake and concern for your well-being from Gretzky? How the hell does that happen?

That's a great story Mudcrutch79, especially if it's true! =D

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