Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The Battle Spilleth Over

Besides having the more successful--and sexy--hockey team, the City of Edmonton also has a better Folk Music Festival than the City of 2nd Place (CoC=2p). To be fair, the Calary Folk Festival has become better over the past few years, but that's only because they got an Edmontonian to run it. The lineup in Edmonton this year is excellent, yet again, even if it lacks the "red meat" that some desire. If you would like to see the lineup, or if you would like to find me and buy me a drink for being so awesome, check out This Tarp Kills Fascists.


Too bad I sunk all my cash into getting my car back on the road--that lineup is something I'd definitely take an Epic Roadtrip to see.

It's too bad I'm broke. Wait, maybe thats a good thing...

The Calgary lineup looks better just from one name alone - Kris Kristofferson...

Saw him open for Blue Rodeo here in Toronto a couple summers ago and he stole the show...

- Randy

'This Tarp Kills Fascists'

Hilariooooous Grabia... just awesome!!!


OK, Grabia. Get off the tarp and get us a Sykora post. He's pretty much an Oiler finally.

Oh and last night was pretty good. Bedouin Soundclash were great.

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