Friday, July 14, 2006


You can't make this stuff up

Via The FAN960 radio this morning, I learned that Darren McCarty has gotten remarried. Congratulations from me -- I'm happy for him (and his new wife seems lovely). He's had a tough few years: he had to quit the bottle; he got divorced; and in April, filed for bankruptcy with debts of $US6.2M, including $185k to three casinos.

So where does a guy who is a self-described "adrenalin junkie" who can't drink or gamble get married? Why, Vegas, of course!

I desperately hope DMac stays out of trouble after his hockey career, which is probably even money to last until the end of this season but no longer.

*Picture found here


Does your wife know your check out pages like that?

I just hope Mr. McCarty can earn enough over the rest of his career to keep the new wife well-supplied with oats.

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