Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Whateryadoin-there, Partner?

Tyler's take on the Islanders situation is solid, and could well have been ghostwritten by me (though I wouldn't have thought of the brilliant Trading Places theory).

Read the whole thing, but I would like to offer a loud INDEED! to two sentences in particular. One:
I'd usually be willing to cut Snow some slack on the fact that he has no training or experience but I think his poor judgment is demonstrated by the very fact that he thought taking this job was a good idea.

See Jim Playfair, c.2002. And two:
Absolutely insane. These people deserve to lose buckets of money.

I assume various NHL players around the league have been asked for their takes on the goings-on. I'd like to see at least one reporter phrase his/her question something like this: "So, what do you think of what your partner in Long Island is up to?"


Abboud made a good point in the comments over at SportsMatters on how it is interesting that no one is mocking the Blues about having John Davidson as their GM. It's a valid point. I mean, what does JD have that Snow doesn't? And look at HIS additions this off-season.

Personally, I think the owners of both francishes are looney for hiring these guys.

Larry Pleau is the GM in St. Louis.

Sorry, Professor. President, or whatever the hell he is.

And Larry Pleau is a former player, also, with the Habs (1970-72) and Whalers (1972-79).

Addendum: he at least worked his way up, starting as an assistant coach with the Whalers in 1980 before being promoted to head coach late in the year, and staying until early in 1982-83. After coaching the Baby Whalers in Binghamton (1984-88), he went back up to the big club, coaching again until the end of the 1988-89 season.

Fun piece of trivia: all four of his winning seasons as a coach came with the Baby Whale. His best record as an NHL coach was 13-13-0 at the end of the 1987-88 season, and altogether, he's 81-117-26 in the big leagues.

OK Andy, JD doesn't have prior experience as a club president. What's the relevance? How does JD's presdential experience have any bearing on the Blues signings this year? Or are you saying Patrick Laforge is responsible for the Oil signing Pisani, Roloson, and Horcoff...

It's bad enough that Snow has absolutely no management experience whatsoever, at any level, but he was in the locker room just last season. One of the boys. And now he's the boss? Waaay too fast to make that kind of transition. Not that Wang would have any grasp of team dynamics...

- Rod

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