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A fantastic post from Cosh on Dwayne Roloson's new contract, based on an older (and also fantastic) post from Tyler.


Cosh, nice to see you writing 'bout hockey again. Excellent stuff.

Good article, though I'm still not clear on the main point, do the Oilers now have their own 3rd round pick for 2007?

Normally most of us wouldn't care much about a third round pick, but it has value this year because of the conditions surrounding RFA offer sheets. Lowe needs to have his own 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks for 2007 in order to tender a valid RFA offer sheet with an average annual compensation in the range of $2M to $5M. Which is essentially the only range that is worth pursuing it in (assuming that I've understood speeds properly).

My theory is that the Oilers only owed Minny a 3rd rounder if Roloson was signed before the draft. CBC reported that the conditional 3rd rounder was for 2006. So that meshes.

Plus, in the York trade for Peca, the Oilers were to transfer their 4th round pick in the 2006 draft if they resigned Peca before the draft. And their 3rd rounder in 2007 if they resigned him after the draft. This according to an article on the Islanders official website.

So unless I'm missing a step of logic somewhere here, the Oilers must still have their own 3rd round pick for 2007. Surely they couldn't have traded it conditionally to both the Wild AND Islanders. No?

So unless they traded away their 2nd rounder in 2007 in a deal I've forgotten about, they should be good to go on the RFA offer sheet front. Can anyone confirm this?

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