Monday, July 03, 2006


Stevie Y To Retire

Steve Yzerman is expected to announce his retirement today. I prefer to think of him going out like a champion, rather than the way he actually did go out: on the bench as the Oilers eliminated the Wings from the Stanley Cup playoffs. I mildly disliked Mike Babcock before he left Yzerman sitting on the bench for the final faceoff draw in the Oilers zone, but I loathe the guy for it now. So long, Steve. Thanks for some amazing hockey.


Yzerman did go out like a champion. When you consider the end of the previous season, when he had to leave the series prematurely with blood draining from his socket, the fact he came back at all is testament to his drive and character. Further to that, he had a terrific season this year and was, once again, his team's best player in the post season.

If that isn't being a champion, then nothing in this game is.

Um, my complaint wasn't about Yzerman, but about Babcock.

Sad day for hockey!

Stevie Y was a class act. It's always hard to see players retire, but Stevie Y saw the writing on the wall, and realized it was time to go. I still can't believe he was productive after that awful knee surgery he underwent a couple seasons ago.

Good job Stevie! The NHL is a different world than it was yesterday and for the past 22 seasons.

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