Sunday, July 16, 2006


Lindros NOT An Oiler



Not so fast; check the link again. I'm sure he will sign with the Stars, but it looks like the media jumped the gun.

Damn it all to hell, TSN!!!

Where'd everyone go?

I even went to church to pray this weekend to make sure Jerkros wouldn't ruin our fair city. Stay Away you blood sucking virus!!

Lindros at 1.5 million is a great deal if he plays 80 games.

Say, wasn't this the mantra of Leaf fans everywhere at this time last year?

Jerkros is not even a great deal at nothing. The intangible costs associated with his attitude and lack of work ethic in the locker room would disseminate through the room like a bad flu.

Not that a bad flu really hurt us two months ago, but point well-taken.

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