Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Is This How You Spell "Choke," Jim?

The 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs line-up cards are currently up for auction on The bids are quite low so far, in my own estimation. Interestingly, there is only one line-up card available from the Calgary Flames, while there are seven available from the Edmonton Oilers. I wonder why that is? Is their organization against helping people out? Calgary got just as far as Edmonton, I see no reason why they couldn't give up more...

Oh. Wait. Riiigght. Ha. Sorry. My bad. Ha. Carry on. Charity is good. Give all you can!


I love how there's three circles around Kipper's number, instead of just the one circle marking the rest of the starters. Just in case there was the slightest bit of doubt... do you spell "Mass Exodus"?

Yes, they are very emphatic circles, as in, "there's not a f*%&ing chance we're putting The Waterboy in."

whoo! The scedule is up, and the season is starting with not one, but two battle of Alberta games!

Man, the only thing that would make a banner-raising against the Flames better would be if it was a white banner instead of a copper one. (Assuming they stick with the traditional banner design, using the modern colours.)

Because wew all know how well the Oil do on nights when they hold a pre-game ceremony.

Ah, it's nice to see the trash talk back. Like a cool breeze on a hot summer's day.

Only 85 days until the season opener...

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