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I hear the United Centre is a great place to play...

Pleasure Motors and Lowetide have both run down what's left in the way of free agent defensemen. Is it just me, or does Pronger for Aucoin and Seabrook suddenly look pretty good from the perspective of an Oiler fan?

Aucoin's $4M/yr contract resembles a boat anchor a lot less than it did this time last week, and frankly, getting two legitmate NHL defensemen in exchange for Pronger might be the only way to add them.


Apparently Anaheim is a front runner. I can't for the life of me imagine what this deal might involve. I can't imagine Niedermayer or Selanne coming back the other way and Edmonton doesn't need a goalie at this point.

I wouldn''t mind seeing Roenick in Calgary if he can stay in shape.

Anaheim's considered one of the most prospect-laden organizations in the league, although in terms of right-now readiness, there's little they'll part with.

As for that Chicago deal, that'd be a good move for the Oilers to make. Aucoin had a tough season last year due to injury, but Seabrook is fantastic. He's young and he can contribute right now. I'm not sure where they'll find a better deal than that.

Spacek, Tarnstrom and Markov are still out there.

Aucoin's contract is still pretty boat anchor-ish regardless of the weekend's craziness.

I don't think the Chicago deal value is all that great and I still think the asset/money is better spent on forwards.

riversq: Yup, there are better options out there other than Aucoin. Totally agreed.

In a warped logic sorta way--ok, it's just a screwy hypothetical--it's too bad the Oil can't just designate Pronger as an RFA *and* yet retain the contract. Then Bowmeester, Horton and a high draft pick are a bargain compared to five first rounders...

To my line of thinking, these would be reasonable trade options:
- Chicago -- Seabrook, Barker, 1st rounder
- Philly -- Pitkanen*, Carter, 1st rounder (if MAB is included)
- Florida -- Bowmeester*, Horton*, 1st rounder
- Nashville -- Hamhuis*, Hartnell*, 1st rounder
- Anaheim -- Lupul*, Perry, 1st rounder -- OK, that won't happen. ;-)
- Anaheim -- Vishnevsky*, Lupul*, +?, 1st rounder (not too sure on this one as they're a late entrant)


Obviously a lot of RFAs in that list. Considering the inflation of the last few days, the 1st rounder is necessary (helps balance out the financial "bargain" value of the deal--Pronger is a relative bargain, the RFAs...?).

I'd really be leery of a Nashville deal since a clear-out, physical defenseman was the only thing the Preds were missing last year. Detroit should be even more concerned...

Anyway, one of 'em will step up to the plate. We could always put MAB in to sweeten the deal. As things stand, we need Tarnstrom back to quarterback the PP anyway (along with the new #44 ;-).

Still gutted by the old #44 though. Getting fair value for Brutus and his contract looks to be difficult...

- Rod

I also see Anaheim is trying to bring Chistov back from the Super League, which makes sense if they were to trade off some of their offensive talent in a Pronger deal.

Matheson covers the story this morning.

RiversQ, let's say we stipulate the underlying thought there (roughly, that forwards are event drivers moreso than defensemen, they can make a bigger difference). There's still the problem that you're not building a team from scratch here. The Oilers need to bolster their depth chart at D a lot more than at FWD.

Yes I thought Jason Smith had a terrific playoff, but Staios & Smith is not a top pair.

The Oilers need to bolster their depth chart at D a lot more than at FWD.

I think the point is that you can bolster the depth chart at D without having to spend a ton of money to do it. You are better off paying more for Talent at Forward, and paying less for Serviceability at Defence. It's not a perfect example, but what comes to mind for me is the starter/closer contrast in baseball. Why pay millions of dollars for someone who only affects the outcome for 80-100 innings, rather than spending it on someone who can affect the outcome over 200-300 innings? Sure, you need to have both, but when it comes to allocating resources, it's better spent on the starter.

The Canes and Sabres are good examples of this, I think.

Sorry Oiler fans, it looks like you got fleeced by the Ducks. Lupul and picks for Pronger... can you say Thorton trade? It'll be interesting to see how many picks and who the non-roster player is. You gotta think that Lowe has the line on some free agents otherwise he wouldn't make this deal.

I'm a Flames fan, but I feel for you.

So...did we just hand the fucking Ducks the Cup? I'm thinking yes.

I'm gonna love to hear who this "non-roster player" is. Bobby Ryan? Seems the only way you can even call this close to fair.

This morning them song brought to you by Weeze - say it ain't soooooo

The Ducks? And that's all the Oil get back? I knew they couldn't get fair value for Brutus, nevermind full value...but this deal flat out sucks. Only one roster player? High picks from a conference champ? Big deal. Pronger screwed the Oil, and this just brings it home...

- Rod

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