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Earth to Hockey Reporters:

Mike Peca is presently unemployed. The wage he (cough) earned in his previous job is no more relevant now than the wage I earned in mine. There are two major problems with using the phrase "he is willing to accept a pay cut" (to play at home, in the right situation, for a contender, etc.):
  1. Per the above - it implies that there is pay to be cut, which there is not.
  2. To call it "pointing out the obvious" is beyond understatement. If you were a crime reporter, would you ever write that Robert Pickton is "willing to accept jail time"? Jeez.

Come mid-September, I'm sure of a few things. The sun will rise every morning in the east. My golf game will still stink. And Mike Peca, if he's playing hockey, will be doing it for less money than he did last time.


I can't wait for him to sign with the Leafs. And I hope he gets a pay raise from them. Say, $5 million a year?

I want this to happen just to see how Chris Selley reacts.

My prediction is that the Leafs sign him for $2.5M x 2yrs; then, by Christmas, even Don Cherry has turned on him.

I hope they pick up Carter, too. They'll certainly overpay for him.

Problem is the Leafs have as little Cap room as you would expect if your GM was a moron too.

17.1 sunk into their top four D. 2M for Raycroft. Sundin runs around 6M I believe. Buyouts of Domi and Belfour on the books.

I think Peca wants to play here but was shocked, shocked, to find out that there's not a lot of money left.

My dream scenario would be the Leafs signing Peca to a 20 year deal worth 30 million, so as to get him on the team without hurting THIS YEAR'S cap. :D

That's probably against the CBA rules, but Bettman gives them special permission in this dream scenario.

Then, having Peca they realize that they must pursue the cup now. So they sign Anson Carter to a $40 M, 30 year deal.

Then they trade Steen and two first round picks for Hamrlik.

And the big coup, they lure Mike Keane out of retirment with a 5 year deal. Keane announces at the presser that he "took less to play for the Leafs".

Keane announces at the presser that he "took less to play for the Leafs".

Yes, because it would be an "honour" to play for one of the shittiest franchises in sports.

Yes, "ordinary people" moving around between contracts might say they took less at the new place than they earned at the old, but only the insane would call that a "pay cut".

Although come to think of it, I've worked with a lot of insane people.

Pray tell, will water still be wet? Inquiring mind want to know.

Well, Keane did try out with the Buds last fall....
I don't think Peca is going to Toronto. I think that report could be about as false as Shanahan going to Boston, which he didn't.
Could the Leafs sign Peca for 2 years at 2.5 million. I don't think Peca will take that. I'll guess he signs in Chicago for more.

I'd have been willing to see Peca back with the Oilers for that little. Leafs are in some big-time cap trouble, they'll be lucky to get Lindros back and he'd be much cheaper.

Of course, I'd have expected Peca to have been signed by now, so what do I know.

I read an article that said "The newest Toronto-area player to seek a job with the Maple Leafs could have the best chance of sticking."

I also would have to agree with previous posters as to the Leafs lack/abuse of cap space(this coming from a TO fan). Mike Peca will prob not sign with the Leafs. It would be nice but i don't see how they can squeeze it in without maxing the cap.

Mike Peca will prob not sign with the Leafs. It would be nice but i don't see how they can squeeze it in without maxing the cap.

Has every single person outside of Edmonton forgotten his regular season? Do the words "Brett Hull" and "Phoenix Coyotes" sound familar?

True enough andy, 9 Goals and 14 assists is not worth, what was it? 4 mil? By no means would i want him to sign with TOR for close to that much. Which is why i said he probably won't sign. If he does for a large sum....i will curse JFJ till the cows come home. It wouldn't be the first time either.

(UNRELATED) Love the western canadian teams as well as TOR. I'm not a crazy leaf fan in the sense that i think they are the only team that exists. I enjoy your blog here. My brother showed me it about a week ago and i've been reading it. Keep on postin'!

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