Thursday, July 13, 2006


Don't pull an arm muscle there, chief

This might be my favourite Darryl Sutter quote ever:
"Jimmy is lucky to have a great coach as his general manager"

Having heard it on the radio as well, I'm 99% certain he was being serious, though he may wish now that he had chosen his words differently...

Also, in the Sun, Eric Francis confirms my memory of Playfair's judgement back in 2002. Says Playfair, 3+ years later:
"Was I nervous and did I wonder if I'd ever get this chance again? Absolutely 100 percent for sure, I did.

"But I never left the whole process with a sour taste in my mouth or felt slighted at all.

"Regardless of the outcome, my decision to turn it down was based on the right principles.

"I would have been the third young coach to come into the organization in three years and you can't expect the players, the fans or the owners to believe that's the best move."



Did you see the press conference yesterday, where he kept referring to himself in the 3rd person? I loved it. My favorite was when he talked about how the GM had to fire the coach for underperforming in the playoffs, as if they were two different people. He was doing it on purpose, of course, and it sure as hell worked. I couldn't stop giggling.

I heard it. It reminded me of the time Bob Cole was running for President. Great Stuff.

Don't you mean Bob DOLE and yes, Sloth er Sutter did sound more like The Rock during the PC....although not as nearly as entertaining. The other thing that stood out was Sutter cutting off Playfair in midsentence(s), guess we know who wears the pants in that household eh.

I meant what I said. It was meant to be a collaberation of Cole and Dole. Both of whom are dumbasses. Tell me something that is otherwise and I'll apologize immediately.

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