Friday, June 02, 2006


You call that castling?! Come on!

Here's an encouraging omen: Edmonton competitor performs tremendously, exceeds expectations, impresses the hell out of everyone, but comes up just short of the big prize.

WASHINGTON - Canada's top speller Finola Hackett fell just short of taking home the crown and $42,000 US in prizes at the Scripps National Spelling Bee Thursday night after being defeated by the German word weltschmerz.

The 14-year-old from Tofield [~50km SE of Edmonton - ed.] survived 19 rounds to take second place.

The lone Canadian in the finals at the world's most prestigious bee made it look easy as she stared down the judges and a television crew, broadcasting the event live on national TV, to nail the spellings of such words as knaidel, formenkreis, guilloche, and douane. [...]

Hackett landed in the finals after surviving seven rounds of competition at the bee, which started with 274 competitors on Wednesday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington.

Again, please! (*Header reference here)



One of the Top 5 SNL skits. Did I put the video up on our site ever? Because I am sure I have it. Damn. Now I have to go look.


I'm gonna be giggling all day now.

What I liked about Finola was that she looked like she was the only . . . how do I say this delicately . . . socially adjusted individual in the entire competition.

The girl who won didn't even look happy. She looked like she was doing everything she could just to hold back the river of vomit fighting to flow from her gullet.

and where was the (~50km away from) Calgary competitor in this scenario?

mayhaps eliminated in a previous round?

and by your analogy, that would mean New Jersey (home of the winner) would have been cup winner.

although, I do understand what it feels like to belittle someone (a team with a flaming C) that made it oh so close only to lose.

But why was this broadcast in HD?

Someone want to see the beads of sweat forming on their brow?

Or trying to figure out what they are spelling on their hands?

I am surprised (and mildly disappointed) that you missed your chance to point this out, as I did on my blog. The THIRD place finisher, Saryn Hooks, is from Taylorsville North Carolina. [~170 miles (274km) West of Raleigh].

In five or so years, Hackett will also be better at taking her shirt off in public than Hooks.

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