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Question for the Oiler fans:
  1. What kind of contract ($$/length) is Pisani in line for?
  2. Should the Oilers give it to him? And if not, what's the max. that K-Lo should lay out to keep him?
There's plenty to love about Fernando: strong EV player, can play with anyone, hometown hero, plus that little matter of his fourteen freakin' playoff goals, several of which were ridiculously huge. (The G5 OT winner in the Finals probably tops the list, but if he hadn't taken the team on his back in G6 against the Wings like he did, the party might well have been over six weeks earlier).

In fact, there's nothing not to love; it's just that you can only pay a guy so much to score 20-something goals in an 82-game season.

I'll start the guessing at three years/$7.5M ($2.5M per), and Yes, Lowe has to pay that. A four year/$12M offer from another club is about the point where Lowe has to walk away. No?


I'm still a week away from being able, and interested in talking about hockey items right now. Good question though.

I was thinking more like 1.8M is probably likely range...

That would be triple his current deal... I don't see him getting close to 3M

I like him too him... I'd be suprised/sad to lose him

I think he wants to stay

By the way, I was at the final game in Raleigh. It was crazy-loud. Lots of fellow oilers fans there too.

Like I said earlier, I doubt Pisani leaves Edmonton for more money. His mom makes him dinner for game days. He's a homegrown momma's boy. Now that I actually looked it up though, my previous post is incorrect. He wasn't undrafted, just drafted in the 8th round. Either way, he gets a reasonable raise and stays in Edmonton.

As for the 20 goals thing, I honestly think he could score more if given the icetime and linemates, but I don't see that happening.

Globe and Mail on Saturday - Duhatschek said that the Oilers believe that the playoffs were more of what they feel he is capable of then the regular season.

If that is what they feel then he is going to get paid (2M per I say) and get the opportunity to score as well.

This has the potential of a Carlos Beltran situation.

Some team could go overboard with length and cash, and as much as I like him I hope the Oilers don't put down $4M+ on Pisani and have him score 15 regular season goals.

I hope the Oilers don't put down $4M+ on Pisani and have him score 15 regular season goals.

But if they don't do that, how else do they plan on replacing Mike Peca?

I'm inclined to believe he's worth about 2 to 2.5 mil depending on the length of the deal. Playoff performance aside he still has yet to prove that he can play the level he did in the playoffs in the regular season. On a side note the Oiler's don't get into the playoffs without Peca on the team, while his offensive performance probably wasn't up to the 4 mil it defenitly wasn't money wasted. He's on a level of his own when it comes to being a all around player.

Thwe thing about Pisani is that he represents all the good things that happened this playoff run more than absolutely anyone. It's like the Flames with Gelinas. A guy keep scoring you big playoff goals and you overpay to keep him around, because it's good for morale, good for the fans, and a good reminder of the past success of the team. Obviously you don't give him 4mil per, but there's no reason to not overpay a little bit just to keep him around. You can even aim your pregame video around him, have ABBA in the background, start him every game at home and let the fans serenade him.

you overpay to keep him around, because it's good for morale, good for the fans, and a good reminder of the past success of the team.

Hey look, it's the Oilers HR director.

Fuck, I'm on fire here tonight with variations of this theme.

Oh, and in answer to your question, I think that the Oilfans thinking he can be had for $2MM are wishcasting. The price starts at $2.5MM, IMO-the secret that the rest of the media don't know is that Fernando actually had a pretty fantastic regular season too. I was trying to peg where I'd rank him within all of the rightwingers in hockey and it's definitely top 45 at the absolute worst. There's a very strong case for top 25 IMO.

I think Ferando probably stays for about 2.5 million which is a nice little raise for him. Though with having to ante up on Ferando, Horcoff and Hemsky the Oil really aren't going to be able to bring in much in the way of free agent talent. This would bother me if I wasn't bullish about our current prospects and young players. I'm fairly certain we can play Shremp, Pouliot and Mikhov at entry level contracts and all of them will be at the very least adequate contributors at the NHL level.

Pisani should get 1.5 - 2 million per season and not a penny more. I can't see him getting 3 million a season as that's what the reigning Rocket Richard trophy winner, Johnathan Cheechoo, is earning next season.

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