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From's HHOF story:
Gilmour played with such determination during his 20 years in the big league that his nickname was Killer.



Awful. I can't believe they report that stuff.

And nothing on Anderson? Shameful. Some may say he doesn't deserve to be in, but he certainly deserves it more than Bure, Gilmour, Graves and Barrasso.

if any of those guys get in ... I'm buying a suit because someday it will be my turn

Adam Graves?

Good player.

but come on!

Anderson deserves to be in. It's a travesty that he isn't already. Hopefullu he gets in, if only so I don't have to waste a couple hours doing another post.

I can feel Lowetide turning on me already.

Based on the guys in there now Anderson deserves to be in.

If the HHOF was like Cooperstown, well, that is for another post another time - LT has covered some of this already.

I'll tell you now that Gilmour will get in - have you seen some of the guys from the 1960s? We're talking 3rd line players with one common denominator - they played for the Leafs.

When is Leeman eligible?

Glenn Anderson needs to hire a spin doctor. There is no way for him to get in without some PR. He had that palimony suit etc. Great Player but not good enough for the hall I guess.
Gilmour should not get in either...

Anonymous sure is persistent.

I heard from a friend who heard from a second cousin who heard from Kevin Lowe's receding hairline that Chris Pronger got Sergei Samsonov pregnant, and that's why they both have to leave town.

On a more serious note, I'm glad they resisted the urge to induct Graves. I can't imagine how that could be justified.

I believe they're allowed four players per year. Assuming that's right, I'm glad the committee is learning to resist the urge to induct someone just because there's an open spot.

"This chorley chick has a website, she is fairly hot."

Well, that sells it for me. If she were hot, but website-less (or vice versa) then I'd have to question your credibility on this matter. But the revelation that she is both attractive and somewhat computer savvy constitutes insurmountable proof that she is a conveyance for Chris Pronger’s genetic material. Keep up the good work, sir.

Is there an actual list of what qualifies someone as "Hall of Fame?"

It seems interesting that Roy is considered a slam dunk, and others are so easily shrugged off. What qualifies someone as HoF? Number of years played? Points? Goals? Cups won? Status?

Baseball seems to give different standards for different positions (see how hard it is for a closer to get in) but hockey doesn't seem to do that, it just seems to be a popularity contest.

For me, Greatness (a very general word, I know) is what the HoF is all about. Therefore, Roy, Anderson, Bure, and Gilmour should be voted in this year, and that's all.

And maybe to tie in Anonymous' post, perhaps number of girls knocked up in a season should be included in Hall of Fame votes, then Pronger might be a slam dunk.

We don't have a replacement nickname for the Orbs yet, but it seems likely that the new verb for impregnating a fan, etc will be 'prong', as in , "I heard he pronged her." "She got pronged in Vegas after she had a few too many." etc.

And (turn on the flame throwers), I think Mikey Vernon should get more consideration for the Hall. He is more deserving than Gilmour, Graves or Bure. And Anderson should have been in a long time ago.

I'm tired of the anonymous ex-boyfriend dropping this stuff in here. I've deleted it.

Despite him being my favourite player in the 1980's.

Jesus. Not you too. What is it with you so-called Edmonton Oilers fans? Sacamano admits to loving Lanny McDonald, Tylers loved Mike Vernon. We need to create a test or something.

Great call on the term "pronged," Peter. It works on so many levels.

>>Hrudey should be there before him or Fuhr.<<

Before Fuhr? ROTFLMAO That's about the hilarious thing I've read in a while. Thanks man. I needed that.

- Rod

And, of course, one who prongs is a 'pronger'. But this was really a discussion about the Hall (and molesting of babysitters) ...

Mike V. could certainly break your heart (that goal Gretzky blew past him in overtime in the 1988 playoffs is a good example and by itself is probably what is keeping him out of the Hall). But he was on 3 Cup winning teams, has a Conn Smythe trophy, his career stats are right up there (his GAA is good for his era). He probably hung around too long, but lots of guys in the Hall are guilty of that crime.

I'm not saying he should be in necessarily, but he should be part of the discussion (certainly part of any discussion where the names 'Graves','Gilmour' and 'Barrasso' are mentioned seriously).

peter, in a "funny that you should mention it" in all of the post-game pre-game media appearances all of the Oilers players and coaches referred to #44 as --


Perhaps its a noun not a verb.

From the "Orbs of Power"
To the "Prongs of Betrayal"

Hrudey will get in in time for his broadcasting contributions.

Fuhr and Vernon were between the pipes when their team won big games. They played in All Star games. They both have big career win totals. Vernon has a Conn Smythe. Fuhr has a Vezina (? - not sure about that, but I seem to recall he got it one time). He also had the reputation of being a 'clutch' goalie who always made the big save when he had to.

I like Hrudey a lot, as a TV personality and as a player, but to punch his ticket to the Hall on the basis of save percentage seems a little thin. (He also played some years for the Islanders which, as I recall, was a pretty sound defensive team in the mid-80's.) His overall career accomplishments don't seem to warrant it.

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