Friday, June 30, 2006


Pisani Signs

One down. Intellectually, I think the contract is too long, and for too much. Emotionally, it makes me happier than a pig in shit. Thanx to Mirtle for the heads-up.


***Update*** The article originally stated that the deal was $8 million for four years. It now lists the deal as $10 million for four years. Yet the Edmonton Journal still says the deal is worth $2 million a year for four years. I guess we'll know later today.


Hoo boy. I have no problem with the money, but four years? I guess there's at least one Edmontonian who should be getting down on his knees and thanking Chris Pronger.

(Assuming that Fernando doesn't, y'know, request a trade within the next 72 hours or anything)

It's about right based on what a lot of people in the Oilogosphere have tossed around.

I'm also squeamish about the length of the deal. Tyler wants a four year deal for Horcoff and that one worries me as well. Both of these guys have fairly short NHL careers but they're not exactly young.

I'm happy they didn't go higher. I could have seen him getting 2.5 million or somewhere between 2 and 2.5 with the goalscoring tear he was on in the playoffs. I'm hoping that wasn't his Dvorak 30 goal year..which will shortly leave us baffled and questionining whether it ever actually happened.

I'm sure if he winds up going back to his 18-goal ways next season (or even in a couple of years), we'll all be up in arms about this, but tonight, I don't give a fuck. We signed Fernando! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Doogie pretty much captures my feelings.

I'm fine with what Fernando got in terms of dollars. Hemsky isn't going to be making much more. The way that the system works, it costs more to get these guys at age 30 than it does at age 22.

I think that it's pretty obvious that he wanted to stay in Edmonton and was willing to trade dollars for contract length to do so. I wonder if he got an NTC.

If the Oil ever make the playoffs again, it will totally be worth it.

A bit more than I'd like, but not into a range that I'd dislike.

I think it was market-value and good for both parties to agree on it.

I think if it'd been for 2 years, we'd be looking at 2.5 a year.

I'd pay 2.5 for two rather than 2 for four. But it makes sense for Pisani to ask long-term. The guy was what, a 27 year-old rookie?

I like it - I think he's a valuable part of the team and I think he gets the opportunity to put up bigger numbers next year.

I think that with he and Horcoff there is still some upside. They are older but those years in college are a lot easier on the body then 4 more years of 80 + pro games.

Part of the reason that college guys often play a long long time - less wear and tear early, imo.

Good for him and good for the club, I think. But I'm an optimist.

Ouch, here I thought that he was worth 1-1.5 million tops. A little too rich for my blood. Well, prove me wrong Fernando, prove me wrong. I hope you score at least 30 goals this season and finish a plus 30 as well.

3 years for Roloson, but no salary yet. I hope Lowe isn't breaking the bank, but it's good to know the goaltending should be decent next year. There's enough turmoil without last year's gong show in the net.

I'm really suprised they signed roloson.

2.5 million USD a year?

Why do I get flashbacks from The Keane/Skrudland signings in 1997?

Well let's hope the Oilers get their $'s worth from him be it because he steps up and scores at least 25 this season OR more likely he gets all the tough RW min and comes out on top by a considerable margain.

In a Duhatschek column written during the final he said that the Oilers felt that Pisani's playoff performance is a sign of things to come.

Duhatschek is reliable, imo, and for the Oilers to go on the record with this before they negotiate a contract with the guy leads me to believe that he is going to be first or second line next season, PP etc, you name it. They're going to give him a chance ot earn it.

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