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Not Again

Thanks to my anonymous stalker, I can indeed confirm that there are unconfirmed rumours that Chris Pronger may want out of Edmonton. It is unclear at this point what Pronger may be unhappy with in Edmonton, but let's just hope it has nothing to do with the nickname he was given at this site.

I really don't know what to say. It is all rumour and innuendo at this point, but I am still shaking. It will certainly rattle the city, whether it is true or not. And the fact that Le GG has stated he would like to go somewhere else where he can get more playing time won't help the city's morale, even though we all knew that move was more than likely coming. Yet if the rumour is completely true, and Luongo for Pronger is on the table, I think I could ultimately live with it. Thoughts?

*** Friday Updates***
• TSN is also carrying the story, with very few details.
• This story by Sean McCormick seems to imply that Al Strachan has started this rumour. That makes me feel about a thousand times better, because we all know Strachan is an idiot. So too does the fact that Lowe apparently called into The Score 1260 to deny the rumours. Can anyone tell me where the Strachan stuff comes in, though?
Here is the story on Strachan and Lowe. Strachan called The Score to say the odds were 50/50 on a trade. Lowe called in immediately and denied the rumour. And here is the original Strachan story from The Toronto Sun.
• Despite the fact that this whole thing seems to have been started by a guy whose reporting is as reliable as a saran-wrap condom, people are flipping their lids on the TSN message board. My favorite is from "wildman68," who writes: "'re GARBAGE!!!" Whoa. Slow down there fella.
• Pierre McGuire is implying that Pronger is leaving. I don't even know what to believe anymore. Plus, I seem to be the only dork on here on a Friday night, so maybe I'll just stop trying to post stuff.
• Okay, one more. Spector has been back and forth on this all day, and is now leaning towards the "it seems like it might be true" side of things. He is also speculating that the Oilers are considering issuing a press release to deny the rumour. That doesn't entirely satisfy me, as they may want to keep it quiet so as to not lower his value on the trading market. But the whole thing seems just too absurd to be true, unless maybe his family is really unhappy here for some reason. I won't begrudge him leaving if that is the case. I'll just hope we can get something in return, like Roberto Luongo.


Spector's also nixed the story. I'm feeling better about it now than I did at noon.

TSN just had an update about it saying he wants to leave, citing "family and personal" reasons. Like WTF?

Really. He seems to be confirming it now. I haven't seen a lick of it on the news yet, though. Anyone else?

I mean, nothing on the local news.

Andy Strickland claims that is is true, and that when Pronger talks, it'll be to him. Then again, he is on Eklund's blog.

I tend to think we should just refuse to trade him. He signed a five year contract, asking to leave after one year when you made it to the Stanely Cup finals is..rather unprofessional. What can you really say, that the team didn't make a serious attempt to compete? That you didn't willingly sign a long term deal?

We need Pronger. I seriously doubt we would have made the playoffs without him. I hope this is all B.S.

As big of a life-long oilers fans as I have always been, the fact remains that I am not canadian and therefore don't have much care about what international games Luongo has won for Canada... but in the NHL, he has never really won anything.

Am I alone in thinking he's a little overrated?

IF its true then trade the guy when you get the right deal and they could get a sweet deal for sure.

I hope that its not but if it is then Lowe will maximize this guy's value. chris is right - if he wants to sit out if they cannot trade him, then go ahead. Lowe has to act as if he has the hammer.

Well it looks like Luongo just got dealt to Vancouver in a package deal that includes Bertuzzi. So Pronger for Luongo is out, nothing really pops to mind as far as other trades for Pronger. The again as this is all so new to me I haven't really had the chance to digest is and postulate on possible trades. In the end Pronger isn't the only good player in the league and I'm sure we can find some trade that works. Though I don't think we should be looking at a Pronger for X players trade where X > 1, I think it needs to be a straight up star for star deal to be of value to us.

Its time for Pronger to put this rumor to rest by doing an interview with Ryan Smyth on TSN where they embrace and say "Bros before hoes."

Damn. Luongo is off the table. Too bad. Although it looks like the Canucks haven't even signed him yet.

Looks like Joe Camel re-signed with the Canes, too. I hate that guy.

Pronger's agent has stated that he has asked for a trade. Unbelievable. What an awful week. Loss in Game 7 on Monday, best player asks for a trade on Friday. The city is going to be reeling.

As much as I am laughing my ass off right now, I HATE players that sign long contracts then want out/trade after one year. What changed in the year that Pronger was there to drive him away? It isn't like he is new to the league and didn't realize where Edmonton is. Peca has been somewhat vocal about his displeasure through the season. Is this symptomatic of a bigger issue?

But the whole thing seems just too absurd to be true, unless maybe his family is really unhappy here for some reason. I won't begrudge him leaving if that is the case.

Why not? What unforeseeable "family" problem can't be solved for $6.25 million a year? Last time I checked, Pronger wasn't living down here with me eating Kraft Dinner on 97th St. I think I can bring myself to begrudge someone walking out on a contract because his wife can't find a good bagel shop that delivers after midnight.

And I can definitely begrudge someone using the press to cut the team's bargaining power off at the knees, destroy season-ticket sales, and seriously harm the league (which, like it or not, has a lot of publicity eggs stored in the Edmonton Oiler basket at this point). At this point it would be an astonishing fiasco unless (a) Pronger comes out tomorrow and immediately denies everything or (b) the Oilers get a quick deal that is obviously advantageous (i.e., if we walk away with Evgeny Malkin and the #2 pick in the draft). And even in the (b) case, the Edmonton fans might be pacified but it's not like the press is going to relent on the quest for a rock-solid explanation.

As I see it, Pronger has almost been backed into a corner--if he genuinely wanted out of town, it just became a whole lot harder, not easier.

I agree on both your points, Cosh. I have no idea why she would be unhappy. It seems totally crazy. My guess is she is an American who doesn't like living in Canada. And its effect on the city, as well as our team's bargaining power, is nothing but negative. I am angry about that part, for sure. But how can you blame him for her unwillingness to stay here? What's he supposed to do, get a divorce to make us feel better? What I am saying is that I don't begrudge anyone choosing their wife and kids over their team. But I also agree that he is getting paid a contract to work here, and he should meet that obligation. Then again, who the hell knows what is going on, or why she wants to leave? It could be something way worse than any of us have imagined.

Doesn't this all sound oddly familar, by the way? Like 1988 familar? I have a feeling Lauren Pronger is about to get the Janet Jones treatment in this city.

I'm not sure how you could be unhappy even living in Salt Lake City if you were pulling in more than six million a year. I mean Christ, you could catch a plain to Bahamas on the weekend, if you tired of occupying a mansion. Signing a long term contract and then wanting a trade after your team made it to the finals is just bizarre. If I was Lowe I'd tell Pronger business is business, he's under contract for the next 4 years and he either shows up and plays or he can retire because this is beyond Vince Carter level bullshit, at least Vince could say he was sick of losing.

I didn't mean to pin anything on the wife. But if the story is legit, and if the problem is the wife, or the kids, or a grandmother, or whatever, of course Pronger is the one to blame for signing a contract, playing games with the press, and throwing Lowe under a bus at the worst possible moment. Don't be ridiculous.

Bob McKenzie said tonight that Pronger didn't want to ask for the trade, but felt he had no choice. If he knows what he is talking about, it sounds like an ultimatum.

I disagree with people who suggest Lowe wait on a deal. I think Pronger needs to be dealt immediately. It will stabilize the franchise, and make it easier for him to negotiate with free agents. Right now, the Oilers are a team in crisis, which isn't appealing to a player looking to move.

Part of me still believes that Pronger was going to stay quiet, but Strachan broke the story to screw us over. That is how much I hate Al Strachan. I'll believe any conspiracy theory that further discredits him.

I just keep getting more and more depressed about this. And mad, because I've realized I now need to explain this whole thing to my son tomorrow. What a blow. What a blow.

I don't know about any of you, but does anyone else think that any time Pronger sets foot in the city again to play hockey he should be greated with chants of "Brutus, Brutus, Brutus". I'm so bitter right now..

From Spector:

"Kevin Lowe and Kevin Predergast have just gotten out of a meeting with Pat Morris, player agent for Chris Pronger. He has requested a move on his clients behalf citing personal AND professional reasons why he doesn't believe the two parties can proceed in an amicable fashion.

I'm told however, that this is the first time they have been officially asked for a trade, and that reports leaked earlier today were either from Pronger himself or from Mr. Morris, but that the organization has just been made aware. Mr. Morris has also asked permission to talk to other teams on his clients behalf to guage interest, however I was not told if [sic] this permission was granted.

The only juicy word I've received is that the Oilers have/had indeed received calls regarding Pronger from half a dozen teams including The Ottawa Senators, Flordia Panthers, Atlanta Thrashers, New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins."

Now I am really mad. Cosh, consider me your man. Let's find that fucker.

Although, Jay Bouwmeester does interest me...

Pronger could still chloroform this story by the time we wake up tomorrow. Even if it's legit, he may wish to change his mind. I believe nothing until the trigger is pulled.

I'm not sure Pronger can turn back at this point. I'm pretty sure anyone planning on staying on the Oilers roster now considers him a pussywiped asshole for trying to bail after they were one game away from winning the cup. What's he going to do walk in and say "Guys, guys, I was kidding I love you guys".

Well since he conveniently left for vacation on the day all this broke, leaving his people to do his talking for him I'm pretty sure he's not gonna change his mind or make a statement of any sort.

I'm all for the brutus chant; we need to make this happen. Unless, of course, the required 'bros before hoes' is on tsn in the morning.

The radio's pinning it on Pronger's wife, who apparently never moved to Edmonton, and wants her man back. If true, it certainly counts as a 'personal reason.'

This is gross; excuse me while I puke. Hold on: how about Mr and Mrs Pronger for Ovechkin and Kolzig. Have the Capitals telephoned Lowe?

I'm going to try to put all the rumors and speculation that you've already heard aside and give you one that stands out. Hopefully this will put everybodies prospective about pronger in a different light.

I too felt kicked in the gonads when there was speculation about pronger wanting out, so I had to find out for myself as much as I could on what happened? why all of a sudden? after just one year, and a chance to win Lord Stanley and possibly the Conn Smyth?

So he himself has stated for family and personal reasons, and this I believe is true. But after I heard what I did, and I put myself in his shoes it would be difficult for me to come back and play for another 4 years.

So here goes...There was a story floating around about Tommy Salo back when he was an oiler, turned out that his wife was being unfaithful with him with another ex-oiler who now plays for phoenix. Now people and press will say the trade happened because of money and this is partly true, but I think there was too much controversy going around that it was bad news for both. Comrie got traded and Salo couldn't bounce back from the situation, hence the reason he just didn't seem like he could get back into his element, he couldn't play. Sad for Salo cause he was a good golie, he eventually fell off the face of the earth in the following years.

Now there is speculation with a connection being rumored about Pronger and a forward by the name of Ales Hemsky with the same unfortuante outcome. So for those bashing Pronger for wanting to leave should maybe give him the benefit of the doubt, put yourself in his skates( if you can fit in them) could you play on a team, knowing that one of your teammates was dipping into your sauce? Apparently this was all happening before the playoff season began hence over hearing that the situation with pronger wanting out was brought up to Kevin Lowe earilier in the post-seaso.

If this is true, Pronger is one of the most outstanding professionals in the NHL, That has got to be one of the most difficult things to accomplish what he did knowing in the back of his mind there was something else going on personally. look at salo he never recovered!

Unfortuantely there has been rumors of infedelity in the organization, now don't get me wrong I'm as blue and copper as they come and have been since I was practically born and will be for the rest of my life. And I'm not trying to put any of the oilers, or the organization down but infidelity is just wrong to do on any level or lifestyle. We were one game away from showing all of the critics out there that we contenders, when nobody gave Edmonton a chance, they went out and made one for themselves. And I'm truly proud of that accomplishment, especially with Prongers situation, there's a guy I can look up to, if these rumors are true. Again, I do not attest to this rumor, but want to give Edmonton fans another outlet that might shed some light and put some ease into how they should feel about the number 1 defencemen in the league, in all likelyhood Pronger should of at least gotten the Con Smyth for what he had to go through. Which in the end I think Kevin Lowe knows and will honor his decision to let him go, I just hope that Kevin sees an alternative that will make him stay. But honestly, again if this is true things have already gone sour, you couldn't pay me enough for me to forget and stay given what happened, could you? so if this is again, true I hate to say folks cause it pains me to say it myself, don't get your hopes up cause I don't think we'll see 44 again. On the flip side though, I really hope 83 gets the can instead.

So if this story is true, If you ask me, Hemsky should get the boot like Comrie did, get rid of the bad seed. But then again, Salo never returned after Comrie was dealt.. Hemsky should be ashamed of himself, your a professional hockey player who makes more money than most people do, you live in a city that knows who you are and loves and praises you for it, you could probably get tons more women than I ever could in my life....WHY?? he went and ruined a good thing by thinking with his other head with the wrong person. You'd think thats a forbidden and unsaid rule amongst the players that you just don't do that kind of thing! maybe that's why the power play struggled for a little while there.

In closing, I just want to shine a different light on the sourness that's overcasted this pretty remarkable individual. If this particular story is true. If it isn't and the reason for him wanting out is for reasons that people have posted about in this forum than by all means I think we all have a right to bitch away, I'd be with you on that one.

Rumour has it that Mr. Pronger's wife found out about a fling the aforementioned hockey player had with a local reporter...

Greetings, visitors from LetsGoKings.

There used to be some unsourced and totally unconfirmed rumours right here, posted by an Anonymous commenter. I have deleted them. Sorry.

P.S. I miss Conroy.

i have heard the pronger was the one who was doing stuff with a local reporter not his wife

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