Friday, June 23, 2006


NHL Draft Strategy:

Best Player Available, and the tiebreaker is youth.

There's not much more that needs to be said. With the possible rare exception of goaltending, every team needs everything. "Projects" are even less attractive now, because you have 7 NHL years or less from your draftees before they are UFA-eligible. An 18-year-old is more attractive than a comparable 20-year-old, as the young guy can play another year of junior and a year in the minors before the clock starts ticking.
The Carolina Hurricanes captured the Stanley Cup with a backbone of 21-year-old centre Eric Staal (second overall pick in 2003) and 22-year-old netminder Cam Ward (25th in 2002).

"That's the formula for success," said Sutter. "That's why we're a good team -- there's a push from (younger) players underneath. It's not going outside to get an older player. You breed your own and teach them how to fly."

Sutter's half-right there, I guess. You're not likely to be very successful without solid contributions from your own draftees (paid under the rookie scale). That said, the implication that Carolina deserves credit from the perspective of player development because Staal and Ward were huge is a laugh. Who taught Eric Staal to fly???

Tomorrow's draft, as always, will be a complicated guessing game. I hope Sutter and the crew guess well.


Here's a guess - Flames select Cory Emmerton if he's still around when they pick. Emmerton, or the archetypal "Sutter-choice", Ryan White.

I'm seeing a lot of reports about Pronger getting traded. (PLEASE, NO!!!)

Here is the cover story on sportsnet

I also saw on that oilers might move Pronger and go after Redden.

This is all insane... we must keep the Orbs

The Oilers website is pointing out that White is ranked #45 by TSN and the Oilers hold the 45th pick (which clears up that issue for anyone who is still confused).

Congrats on keeping your cool in the face of Al Strachan's nonsense, there, Jeremy. You're a rock.

hehe... that is my way of preparing myself to be extra happy when he stays put.

By the way... anyone have any guesses as to why his ice-time was lower than normal in game 7? Seems like that would have been the time to play him as much as he could handle.

Nice link... I like the mall start-shots pic of Schremp.

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