Friday, June 30, 2006


Isn't This What We Want To Hear?

"I'm willing to bite the bullet. I want everybody to know that I love the city, the city will always be my home. Even though it looks like I'm going to another team, I'm always going to have my house in Edmonton."

Forget Chris Pronger. We should be mad that this guy is leaving. And we shouldn't be mad at him about it. We should be mad at Kevin Lowe.

***Update*** In news sure to make Sacamano weep in a corner, Radek Dvorak has declared he won't be back. Here's a 100 bucks saying he ends up in a Rangers uniform.


OK, one last time.

When they say its not about the money, its about the money!

LeGG - great guy. Fan favourite. Barely played in the playoffs. There's a reason for that.
Dvorak - I like him too. As Dennis at IOF said - works like a dog, plays the tough minutes defensively, kills penalties

LeGG made what, 1M this season. DVO, 1.6M

LeGG will get more then the minumum elsewhere (Montreal) but to me that is what he is worth to the Oilers. If you are on the 4th line but you cannot kill penalties or be a checker then you're not worth much, imo. Bear in mind, I really like the guy and its too bad because he does want to be here but Tie Domi still wants to play for the Leafs too.

As for Dvorak, I guarantee that Lowe offered him half of what he makes now and, as is his right, he said no. That's fine too. But Winter going on and on about how he wants out for unspecified reasons.

Whatever. How about getting your client to score maybe one playoff goal this year?

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, DVO.

LeGG, good luck buddy. Hope you find a spot somewhere.

He's willing to take a paycut, wants to wear the copper and blue and the fans love him. Hello? KLowe can you hear me? I can guarantee that if the Oil don't end up re-signing Georges, there's going to be hell raised all over Edmonton. You thought Gretz cried a lot when he left? Big Georges is going to sob like a baby. One more year, please please please, he'll prove he's worthy - just give him the opportunity (more ice time!!!).

I think Chris is right about BG. He is an asset, even if it's not one that we necessarily want playing on the team.

I don't mind if he goes, but I would've preferred to get something for him.

Who will bandwagon fans cheer for if Pronger, Roli and BG are gone?

As for Dvorak, I've argued his worth regardless of his playoff performance. I like the guy, but keeping him was always to be at a discounted rate.

I don't think he will sign for the minimum.

And if he did and then they traded him that would be worse. The guy wants to be here, he signs for minimum or close to it and then you ship him out.

That sends a bad message. Did you see how pissed Kaberle got when his name came up? He wants to be in Toronto (plus he's scared of Edmonton - he read chris!' post) and if T.O. traded him right after he signed his deal no FA would sign in T.O. unless they seriously overpaid.

I like LeGG but he has little value on the market or for the Oil. Which is unfortunate.

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