Thursday, June 01, 2006


Give the old man a 'Cane!

Anytime you have team that is named after a State rather than a city, it should be regarded as highly suspicious.

Anytime you have team that is named after a region rather than a city, it should be regarded as highly lame. Where is East Carolina anyway?

Plus they spell 'barbeque' funny down there -- and they don't use it to describe a method of cooking, but rather to describe a pseudo-religious experience involving whole pigs and partial coals.

And another thing -- does anyone else find it weird that Carolina plays in the RBC center? RBC? The Royal Bank of Canada? The same company that runs ads incessantly describing their profound commitment to supporting Canadian hockey teams? And why is it 'center' not 'centre'?

I know, I know, none of this has anything to do with their hockey team, but, well, how would I know whether the Oil matchup well against the Hurricanes -- they didn't play each other this season. Man I love this new unbalanced schedule.

Anyway, I think that, given Buffalo's injuries, the Oil had a better chance against the Sabres; but I'm glad Carolina won because it will make for a better series. Plus, as I mentioned, they have a heckuva crew of bloggers (Carologosphere?).

Let's get it on.


I wonder what the Canes blogger to the greater "fans who actually care" ratio is for the Hurricanes.

Oh and... all of the hockey cosmos will implode if the Hartford Whalers won the Stanley Cup.

Not that I agree with the treatment of the Canes as being equal to the Hartford Whalers (boo forever to all stolen teams and the cities that love them), but this does give us two WHA franchises in the NHL final, which is sorta cool.

RBC? The Royal Bank of Canada?

It's ironic, but my bank account's at B of A.

You should beware ; the 'Canes may be the best team to make it to the finals, ever [out of the subset of teams that only got through the first round by almost carving out the eye of the opposing team's frontline center].

Oh, sorry, was that too bitter?

At least there should be a lot of available seats for games 1 and 2. Have these guys filled their building yet?

I'm an Oilers fan in Virginia. I have tickets to game 7 (the others sold out too fast) I wouldn't mind oilers winning it sooner... but if they don't - I can't imagine many things in life better than seeing them play a game 7 for the cup!

I've seen them in Philly and Edmonton this year and they are 2-0 with me in attendance... so don't worry - if it goes 7 - I'll make sure they win... hehe

The Royal Bank of Canada bought locally-owned chain Centura Bank back in 2002, and got the naming rights to the then-Entertainment and Sports Arena because they wanted to get their new "RBC Centura" brand out there.

You'll find a lot of RBC customers down here.

And yes, achtungbaby, we've filled our building.

No, that was just bitter, enough Craig. Goddamn Justin Williams...

"Have these guys filled their building yet?"

Harsh. They've filled every one of their playoff games, and gone beyond capacity in several.

To answer your (perhaps rhetorical) question, East Carolina is a state run university in Greenville, North Carolina. About an hour's drive east of Raleigh.

Edmonton's arena is named for a pharmaceutical company based in Boston. What's my point? What's your point? Sadly, we live in a time where corporate sponsorship is king.

Ahhh, I guess you had to be in Canada during the Olympics to have seen the constant RBC "We MADE Canadian Hockey" ads to get the irony.

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