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And a-one, and a-two:

Doo Doo Doo
Doot-Doot-Doot-Doot Dooo hm hm hmmm...


**So, what now: is '06/07 like the tiebreaker?

**I thought the Oil looked pretty good tonight, but to borrow a phrase, sometimes you're the Caterpillar D9, and sometimes you're the Rachel Corrie. Staios had one of those games he has probably every third or fourth time out these days, where he just doesn't have a great handle on it (and seems a bit slow). And Hemsky - the reference by Anonymous to him playing like a caricature of himself was spot on for a series of shifts in the 1st and 2nd.

**Which is the funnier bobblehead doll: Rem Murray, or Erik Cole? (Or is the answer (c) Muhammad Ali?)

**Allow me to quote Colby Cosh from two years ago this night at length, and perhaps save him the trouble of repeating himself:
A note about the post-victory celebration: the Stanley Cup ceremony has been allowed to go to hell and someone should put a stop to it. This business of letting the winning coach hoist the Cup, and then letting the plucky assistant coach do it, and then letting the director of player development do it, and then Christ knows who else, is really pushing established religious practice to its limits. Letting Scotty Bowman skate with the Cup wasn't a precedent: it was an exception, made for the greatest coach who ever lived. I suggest that Soapy Tortorella be allowed to lift the Cup over his head when he's won the thing eight more times, like Bowman. At the very least, let's have a little decorum and not give a victory lap with the Cup to the stick boy. It's a simple matter of issuing sidearms to the custodians of the trophy. They should also have a broad mandate to shoot the players' children, who now throng the ice when the Cup is won and wander around crying and confused, giving the whole thing the air of a GE company picnic. I can just about tolerate the players photographing one another like a bunch of Japanese tourists, but generally the intimate-family-gathering atmosphere is getting out of hand.

What he said.

**Televised celebration highlight! That'd be the Hurricanes player (AWard? - the one who got the Cup from Hedican) who just could not resist blurting out the Hockey Player's Motto, despite the immediate presence of 4 TV Cameras and ~78 small children: "Fuckin' Rights!"

**If I was Kevin Lowe, I'd be getting to Fernando "Martin Gelinas" Pisani while he's still feeling mushy and moist-eyed, aiming for the hometown discount. The alternatives (paying him a lot, letting him go) stink.

**I thought the game was very well-officiated tonight. Kudos to McCreary & Watson.

**Did Brind'Amour so much as look at Bettman when he took the Cup? I probably missed this being spelled out in an interview later, but it definitely looked like the Rod was deliberately sabotaging the traditional presentation photo-Op. Guess there'll be a blank spot on Gary's wall. (Rod = Peter Gibbons (post-hypnosis) and Gary = Bill Lumbergh)

**FYI: Sacamano's scouting trip is basically unaffected by this result. He's still looking for a goalie and a big defenseman who can skate.

See you in the funny pages.


Does this entry mean that whether the Oilers win or lose, I'll still be witty and brilliant tomorrow morning?

(Rod = Peter Gibbons (post-hypnosis) and Gary = Bill Lumbergh)

A gold star to Matt for that one.

I noticed Bettman was pretty quick to the Hurricanes bench. My wife was watching the painful third with me; I said as much to her. She suggested that perhaps he'd gone down there beforehand. I suggested a few things Bettman could do with his greasy slimy photo-op seeking self, and that perhaps he had, which just made it all that much worse.

I don't think Brindy gave Bettman a second look and yeah, it was a "fuckin rights" - after which he (I'd thought it was Kevyn Adams, but either way) was pretty quickly silenced.

I didn't want to watch the celebrations - especially since it doesn't seem that CBC has changed their "Cup on the ice" music from Tina Turner's Simply The Best since Edmonton's *last* trip to the Finals - but I did anyway.

Witty or no, you'll be wishing you hadn't mocked the Flames and their fans so badly two years ago. After all, your team did so, so, so much better this year.

No. Really. They did.


There was nothing in the air this night, the stars weren't bright... Pisani....

I wonder if the Brind'Amour snub was a layover from the lockout? He didn't even look at Bettman.

Rod Brind'amour and the Cup. The thought makes me fuckin' puke. Fuck.

Kid Rock joined the Hurricanes on the ice for the Cup celebration. Surely this alone warrants a do-over?

Okay, from now on Alberta NEEDS home ice advantage in any Stanley Cup Finals run.

I don't even care if Calgary does it anymore, I wanna see the Cup in Canada next year.

I couldn't bare to watch the last ten seconds: we were too busy celebrating in a Toronto alleyway with champagne to bother. Pictures at Covered in Oil, of course.


Televised celebration highlight! That'd be the Hurricanes player (AWard? - the one who got the Cup from Hedican) who just could not resist blurting out the Hockey Player's Motto, despite the immediate presence of 4 TV Cameras and ~78 small children: "Fuckin' Rights!"

That was little Ray Whitney. I about fell over when I saw that.

I'm just going to get this right out of the way - I'm a Canucks fan. There, I said it.

That being said, SON OF A BITCH! I was really cheering for the Oilers. The Cup doesn't belong in Carolina. They can't even keep the ice frozen!

Brind'Amour completely snubbed Bettman - serves him right. That guy gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I'm sorry I missed the "Fuckin' Rights" moment - that may have made up for the game. May have. I said "may".

The hockey gods have rendered their divine judgment on the Battle of Alberta. The Battle, from '04-'06 has been settled and it is a draw.

We get to do it all again next year.

And clearly, this blog must continue until the winner is declared.

And clearly, this blog must continue until the winner is declared.

Nice attempt at ignoring the rest of history. It's like having a Red Sox fan tell a Yankees fan, "ya, well won in 2004." And I say that as a Red Sox fan. The score is still 5-1 in Cup victories, and 7-3 in Cup appearances.

Thanx for reminding me how shitty the Flames are, though. I feel better already.

>The Battle, from '04-'06 has been settled and it is a draw.

Heh. Who blew it against the Ducks? Who won the Western Conference?

We all who knew won the Battle this year. Better luck in '07, Calgary fiends.

Yes, I was pretty sure we would be back to '5 Cups, blah blah blah', I just did not expect us to get back there quite so soon.

By that logic, the Habs are the best team in the NHL and should be awarded the Cup every year. Even the Leafs and the Senators are greater teams than the Flames and Oil combined if you go back far enough.

Surely we can agree that such an argument is, in a word, dumb.

And surely we can agree, (even if we disagree with how I get there) that my assertion that the blog must continue is unassailable.

Moreover: I think it's fair to say this year's Oilers would have beaten the '04 Flames with both starting goalies healthy, and with both starting goalies injured it'd be no contest at all.

Well, we can go by historical record or by the present. I am happy going either way. Which would you prefer?

So, '06 playoffs, the Oil make it to 7 games in the final and come up short. The Flames bowed out in game 7 of the first round.

'04 playoffs, the Flames make it to 7 games in the final and come up short. The Oil... well, thanks for coming out.

okay peter, you are right -- let's ignore histories and do the proper comparison on this season alone.

Wins Season Series - Calgary
Wins NW Division Title - Calgary
Wins Home Ice Advantage - Calgary

Wins First Round - Edmonton
Wins Second Round - Edmonton
Wins Third Round - Edmonton

Sure, keep telling yourself its a draw. See you next season!

Oh brother. As if you guys didn't kick my team when it was down this year. Please.

I think it is fascinating that both Alberta teams wrote almost exactly the same story in consecutive play-off years. You guys rode the same roller coaster I rode two years ago. it's a pretty good ride, but that last drop is a tough one.

Anyway, this must mean something.
At a minimum, we all get to argue about who's team is best for another year. So, that should be fun.

(and I disagree, the '04 Flames would have easily handled the '06 Oilers, with whatever assortment of mutual injuries you like.)


I sure would like to be writing about a Stanley Cup victory this morning, but life is that way sometimes.

I know these words will not console the players, nor many fans out there. Don Cherry is right when he says there is nothing you can say to the players. I have been there as a coach and you are so torn between being so proud of your guys for how far they came, but also the huge disappointment of not being able to win the big one. It's a feeling you never forget. However, its also a feeling that drives you even further in the future.

This has been one of my favorite Oilers teams I have ever watched. I haven't been this excited about the Oilers since I was in Mr. Peterson's grade six class, and the Oilers joined the NHL. Sadly though, we had moved from Edmonton to BC the year before, so I missed the boat on that one.

I remember going to the old Edmonton Gardens as a youngster with my dad and watching the Alberta Oilers. I was hooked from that moment on, on both the Oilers, and my biggest passion in life, hockey (Sorry work, family, friends, and school).

Congratulations Oilers! You had a great run, and you deserve all the credit in the world.

I'd love to see a rubber match in 2007. Winner goes to the Finals?

(and I disagree, the '04 Flames would have easily handled the '06 Oilers, with whatever assortment of mutual injuries you like.)

It's official: Edmonton can no longer claim to be the home of Fantasyland. The Flames didn't handle anybody "easily" in the '04 playoffs. Objectively, they looked a lot more like a hard-charging #8 seed in their year than the Oilers did in '06. And they didn't have their #1 goalie get smashed like a bug on a windshield at the start of the finals, either. Get a grip.

The Oilers have been competing for the Cup since the '80 season and in that time they have the most Cups. Which makes them the best team of the last 25 playoffs.

The Habs picked up a few Cups while they were in the 6 team league and they are the kings of the six teamer and they're still the kings when it comes to the post '67 expansion era.

As much as I hate to say's still true.

Meanwhile the Flames have one Cup[.

Some odd comments:

-Going to the SCF IS the tiebreaker. Fortunately, it's not necessary since the score is currently 5-1.

-I wonder if you're being sarcastic in saying that the reffing was good. Did anyone notice that the play on the EN goal was knocked down on a high stick? Other than that, it's somewhat fitting that Pronger flubbed the play twice in the last 2 minutes.

-It's pretty hard to see Pisani going somewhere else for money. We gave him a contract as an undrafted player, and he still eats dinner before games at his mom's place.

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