Thursday, May 25, 2006


Western Conference Finals -- Game IV


What are everyone's feelings? Do you lift the Clarence S. Campbell bowl or is this bad luck?

Good news, folks, we can start to wear our Oilers sweaters to work! I know I've been holding off, but now that Mayor Mandel has put it into writing, hell, I might wear only my sweater to work.

Mac-T has promised some fresh legs for this game, including playing Murray/LeGG/Petersen more. I'm not exactly sure who else he had in mind. Maybe D-vo is back. Or Ullie. God forbid they put in Schremp -- the HF message board might explode.

There are some rumours that Hemsky may be hurt since--as MC notes--he didn't get any ice after the Oil went up 2-0, including no time on the 5 on 3. Jason Gregor also reported yesterday that both Moreau and Smyth might be out. None of this thrills me.

Some folks are worried that the the Ducks* almost comeback will give them the confidence to come back and win a game or two. I'm going to go the other way and say that a scare was just what the doctor ordered for the Oilers to ensure that they keep the pedal pressed tonight.

The Ducks--and others--are all a titter about LeGG mugging for the camera. As a "Live by the Unwritten Fighters Code" kinda guy, it was somewhat out of character for Georges, but hey, it's playoffs. And, to be fair, the Ducks game plan--led by Ole Granite Todd Marchant--was to come out and try to intimidate the Oilers by running Roli**, etc. They deserved a little smack down for that kind of punk playing, and they deserved a little mocking for thinking that Teemu could physically intimidate anyone on the Oilers. Andy crushes the notion that it was Georges' actions that sparked the Ducks' comeback. I actually think it might have been a bit of a mistake for Mac-T to call out Georges for that -- a passive Georges is a useless Georges.

Mirtle links to a few nice article -- one on Pisani and one on the Boys on the Bus calling home. I think it is a bit early for this nostalgia talk -- that, more than anything, has been shown to kill the Oilers (think Heritage Classic, Sweater Retirements, Banner Raisings, etc.).

Anyway, I thinking the Ducks will come out the same way as they did last game. The first period will features lots of penalties and a few fights, but it is the Oiler's powerplay that will take advantage. Tonight's game will be a blowout. The Oil will get something like 5 or 6 goals.

Sacamano's Key to the Game:

Prediction: 4-2 Oil (Bergeron, Dvorak, Smyth, Peca empty netter).

* Am I the only one who didn't know that the opposition's true name is not 'The Anaheim Mighty Ducks', but in fact 'The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim'? That actually sounds better for some reason.

**Since we're talking terminology, occasional commentor and self-professed "die-hard Roloson fan" Courtney pointed out that the preferred spelling is 'Roli' not "Rollie" as evidenced by his mask. Interestingly, the Sun seems to go with 'Rolie' to fit with goalie.

Go Oil!


I say you should lift the bowl -- winning the Campbell Conference is a big deal and is a huge accomplishment for this team.

I was disappointed that when my team won it last time out, they did not make more of a big deal out of it. I understand the thinking that it is not mission accomplished until the big prize is won, but what's wrong with a little celebration along the way? Any team that can win three rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs deserves that much.

PS - this comment in no way endorses or supports and Oilers win tonight. Go Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.

Agreed. Wasn't it the damn Ducks who started this not-celebrating the Campbell Championship in the first place? Screw 'em.

Lift it, hoist it, skate around the rink with it, let the fans relish, put it down and collectively say, "next hoisting is the Stanley Cup".

It's taken 16 years to get back here, who knows when it'll happen again (I'm banking on next year but let's not get ahead of ourselves). The likes of Smyth, Pronger, etc. have never had the opportunity to be Campbell Conference Champions. They had to beat some tough teams to get here, teams nobody expected them to beat. Hell they should have been hoisting each other after the Detroit Series and parading after the Sharks Series.

If this past decade and a half of a drought has taught us anything with regard to this team we live and die by, it's enjoy it while you can.

As for karma/curse, if you want to eliminate that, put the gloves on Joey Moss and have him present the bowl, that'd stave off any jinxes for sure.

Hmm. The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim thing does sound vaguely familar, but I could be deluding myself. Is it one of those changes that they just made three years ago? Or are they going the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim route?

I guess it won't matter soon. They are unveiling their new visual identity in June, and have already committed to just going by "The Anaheim Ducks." Put me down as a guy who never minded the name in the first place. It has a U.S. college vibe to it. It was the association with a Disney movie and cartoon that was the problem.

Wasn't it the damn Ducks who started this not-celebrating the Campbell Championship in the first place?

What, we're accused of starting this 'tradition' in 2003? I think it has happened like this for the past decade or so, probably started by the Red Wings.

Kariya hardly acknowledged the trophy, and I'm not going to get on his case or anything, but I'm with peter. It was a big deal, why pretend that it's not?

The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim thing does sound vaguely familar, but I could be deluding myself.

That has been the official team name since inception. This summer will be the first name or title change in franchise history.

In 2002 Yzerman picked up the bowl and put it back down. Didn't seem to have any ill effects. I don't know about skating around with it, though!

It's the Stanley Cup playoffs people, not the Campbell conference playoffs. I say have Smith pick up the trophy (if he has enough energy left) and then skate off the ice, just like Dave Andreychuk did for TB with the Wales in 2004.

Celebrate making the Cup finals, but don't celebrate like you have won anything yet. That's like celebrating the raising of a banner that reminds every Flames fan they came oh so close to winning the Cup.

Chanandler, I agree! Skate with it to the dressing room, maybe raise it once on the way off the ice.

I think it's a big mistake to disrespect the Campbell bowl. Don't lift it over your head, but don't be afraid to pose with it a little. Clarence was a Saskatchewan boy and a U of A Rhodes scholar; the league as we know it was his creation. By the logic of superstition, the trophy contains his spirit--a valuable ally.

Smith could pick it up and throw up in it. On purpose or not.

Thus celebrating the achievement but also showing that this is not the end all and be all of the run.

Agree with Cosh, here. He is a Westerner. We must not disrespect that.

Pretty interesting stub on Campbell here, actually. I did not know he was a prosecutor at Nuremburg

I don't know what the actual historical precedent is on the Campbell Bowl, but it's absolultely a no-no to hoist the Prince of Wales. In 2002, my Hurricanes went ahead and hoisted it anyway, knowing that it was traditional to simply pose with it. Obviously, they were overmatched and outclassed by the Red Wings anyway, but some folks who are steeped in superstition insist that we lost in the Cup final because Ronnie and the boys hoisted the Prince of Wales.

Whatever that's worth, there it is.

This web log reminds of Jedi Council meetings (on top of being an oilers fan, i love star wars) where the jedi masters would meet and decide what's in the best interests of all and act accordingly. Therefore I think sacamano needs to do a poll and all the "oiler knights" can vote and the results sent to Oilers Jedis (ie. management/players) on how they should act after winning.

Isn't it against the Hockey Gods to be planning what to do with the bowl in the first place?

You guys are a source of entertainment for me and I mean that without sounding sarcastic. I love coming here to find out what's going on in other oiler fan heads. It's comforting to know I'm not the only lunatic out there.


PS: Matt and Earl Sleek would be the members of the darkside in my analogy.

PS: Matt and Earl Sleek would be the members of the darkside in my analogy.

Awww, can't I be a Tuskan Raider or something?

In 2004, Iginla touched (and may have hoisted, I don't recall) the Campbell Trophy, while Andreychuk didn't touch the Wales Trophy. We all know how the Stanley Cup Final worked out.

A quote from a Bill Simmons article at the time indicates that this is a long-time superstition, which Wikipedia sort of corroborates:

More importantly, Tampa won a Super Bowl 16 months ago, plus the city had a Stanley Cup favorite at the time of the voting -- a team destined to win the Cup next week because Jarome Iginla was dumb enough to touch the Clarence Campbell Trophy after Game 6 against the Sharks (and you think I don't follow hockey)

I don't mean to distract, because this is important stuff, but Torres has lost 12 pounds since he got the flu? Is there some way for me to get access to that virus? I could stand to lose a couple...dozen.

Abboud now has me spooked. What do they do, IF they win? IF. What did the Oilers do the last time they won the CC?

Here's a funny story about the Flames and the trophies.

pffff ... go into the Oilers dressing room. None of your boys will touch the Cup either. That's part of hockey lore.

Great question, the Oil should do exactly the same thing they did the last time they won it.

Of course, let's win it first.

I think what is essential is to avoid Stage One of being a second-rate Sports Town:

"Stage one is the ugly overreaction: shiny silver objects like the Clarence Campbell Bowl are confused with the Stanley Cup as euphoric bandwagon-jumpers and whores-in-training revel nightly in a lake of urine and vomit."

Unfortunately, we seem to have fallen into that trap a little.

Or a lot. Your transition will be complete in October when you lustily cheer on the raising of your Western Conference Banner, and hoping for an even bigger and better banner next time.

Dvorak is in!!! Just confirmed on The Score!

Dvorak is in!!! Just confirmed on The Score!

Oh, baby. This might be the night I go running naked down the Copper Kilometer.

I knew you would be happy. Apparently Hemsky is still questionable. No one knows what is wrong with him. My guess is he has a mild concussion from that hit in Game 1, and left early in the 3rd of Game 3 because the game was supposed to be out of reach for the Ducks.

See sac your wish has finally come true! Maybe he can pot one and the Oil win 4-2??? Let's hope so:)

Andy Grabia said:

Abboud now has me spooked. What do they do, IF they win? IF. What did the Oilers do the last time they won the CC?

As an Edmontonian and huge Oil fan since I was 5(first cup in 84) I remember Mess just touched the bowl and said something like, "This is just one step. We want nothing but The Stanley Cup." So I see nothing wrong with touching the bowl, but just don't showboat and celebrate(i.e skate around or hoist the damn thing!) like some captains have done in the past.

I would treat it like getting a bronze when you still have to play the gold medal game. Really it's that meaningless int the end. A silver teaser which has evil karmic implications.(nothing against Clarence himself, I'm sure he was a great person)

But really who wants to end up like Jarmoe and the flames in 04?

Not us. That's for sure.


Classic stuff on CBC right now.

They are exploring the best way to sweep the Ducks.

They just interviewed Kevin Martin about broom types and a housewife about technique.

Well on TSN they had Dan Barnes talking about how he and Horcoff are Dukhabors, so...

I had no idea that nWo referee Nick Patrick had been tapped for this game.

That being said, the Oil are still getting outplayed, even without the aid of the officials.

Nice to see the Oilers are off to a great start.

Don't get me wrong, we are playing awful, but could the refs help any more? Jesus. Awful calls, and apparentlt Todd Marchant is allowed sit in the Oilers crease for the entire 20 minute period.

Karma is a bitch. Everyone better get on their knees and start praying.



Is there a way to sue these idiots for making this shit up?

Indeed. However, I'm thinking Oilers fans have devolved into full-blown OCD, constantly looking over their karmic shoulders for unlucky behaviour.

The Oilers came close early, but didn't get the lead. At least there's still two periods left.

Just brutal refereeing, thus far this game. The oilers are looking like they're playing with the fluu too. They had some jump for the first couple minutes then just starting playing passively.

Jesus, where is Cherry to tell them to "let them play the game".

3 on 3!!? What is this, NBA Street?


Is there a way to sue these idiots for making this shit up?

Ummm, yes they did.

Not in the way he mean, smartass. Don't start with me. It's bad enough the refs are giving the Ducks this game.

It's worth noting that Rollie has now given up 8 goals in the last 40 minutes of hockey.

They need to pull Rollie. Now.

6 shots? Jesus.

Yea, Rolli has looked less magical for the last 60 some odd minutes.

Smitty looks possessed, like he's channeling the spirit of Mark Messier.

*starts humming the Rocky theme*



Whew. That Rem leap should have been a penalty!!!

3 goals on how many shots for Jiggy?

Brian Burke: The Oilers don't know that it's supposed to be a show! They think it's a damn fight!

Man, Devorak still has his patented "hands of stone".

Since when has hitting the other guy's stick with your stick been a penalty? Man the phantom calls in this game...

Is anyone listening to CHED? I'm worried that this game is going to give Rod Phillips a heart attack?

Marchant is just killing us tonight.

They have to pull Rolli. And the Marchant, Lupul, Selanne line is killing us.

There should have been a call on whoever it was that dislocated Laraque's shoulder, too. It was total interference.

I agree on the slashing the stick. With the toothpicks they call sticks, you barely need to touch them and they break.

Has anyone noticed that the Pistons are killing the Heat?

Fucking Opie.

The refs have cost us this game. The calls have been totally one-sided. We fight our way back, and they screw us over. Unless it was Le GG's fault? Maybe he shouldn't have scored that 3rd goal. It seems to have "woken up" the Ducks.

Well, the Pistons are too good a team to lose every game of that series. Though I still think Shaq can reach for his A game frequently enough for the Heat to win.

Bucky was on between periods, perhaps the second coming of Stan the Man can lead us to victory.

I don't want to talk trash about Buchy and Aaron Moser, but can't we have Hrudey instead? Please?

Could we have looked worse on that 5 on 3? SHOOT THE FUCKING PUCK. Instead, they line up three guys from the point for one-timers, and the only one they get off misses the net. The Ducks triangle barely even moved. What about quick puck movement down low. Maybe a cross the crease tap in? No, no, no. Just pass back and forth. Back and forth.

Hmmmmmmmm.......6-3 Ducks, MAN Laraque never should have laughed at them.

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