Tuesday, May 23, 2006


True Fandom

There is currently a horrific thread over at HF in which self-proclaimed "True Oilers Fans" are trying to one-up each other in terms of their relative levels of fandom (usually with reference to how much money they spend, beer they drink, posts they make, etc.). I've been meaning to smack them down for a while, but I wanted to find some way to demonstrate what "true fandom" is all about.

And then, out of the blue, astute reader -- let's call him 'Darren' -- pointed me to some simply spectacular fandom over in the forums at flyangler.ca.

Check out these incredible presentation flies tied by some anglers to show their team spirit. I absolutely love them -- I actually had no idea that flies could be so beautiful. I could even see myself getting into this kind of thing if only it didn't eventually require standing in cold water for hours on end.

A Copper and Blue Oilers fly by pacres

A Flames fly by sanjuanworm

An Oilers fly by sanjuanworm after his conversion from the Flames.


Catch any good sharkmeat?

That's beautiful.

That's very cool.

About time Dave woke up and smelled the coffee.

Oh yeah, we fish, breathe, and sleep hockey during the playoffs up here. So confused.. wether to bring a flyrod... or a hockey stick with me.


Sorry, one more.. worth the download!


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Ranger Bob

Those are beauties RB.

Good flies, but what makes you think you have to stand in cold water in order to make them? ;)

I hate those "my penis is larger than yours" threads too, almost as much as I hate the ones where posters compete to see who can say the most vicious things about some whipping boy or another.

That flames fly sure is pretty.

Sorry, we had a BLIP on our site.. and lost some blog entries. I think you'll find these in the Pattern Database now thought.

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