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Take your Time

From the calgarypuck moderators comes the funniest post I've ever seen on a hockey message board:

FYI we've set it so new registration approvals are delayed by a day or so.

This is to cut down on any trolling and let the fans have their "private time".

Don't worry Matt. If you want some Private Time, I'm sure we can all do without you for a day or so.

But don't be a stranger, kay?


He he!

Payback's a bitch.

Jesus Christ. I wish people would stop bringing attention to the CP forums, because then I accidentally look into some of the trainwrecks they call discussions in there. I don't think I've ever seen such unbridled ignorance anywhere ever before.

I think one of my favourites was under the thread, Edmonton Cops Lie to try and Goad Calgary:, by a poster named KneeSlapper ironically enough.

"So true. Oiler fans don't know how dumb they are. But we sure do."

One of my favorite moments was during the on-ice post-game interview, when Scott Niedermayer was asked, "Scott, when did your team start believing in itself?"

I wanted him to say, "Ummm...about halfway through the third movie."

It's funny how easy we forgot that Calgary was 29-36-13-4 two hockey seasons ago, and weren’t doing much better in 2003 until they traded for Kiprusoff.

Guess we remember now.

Isn't that precious? Are we going to have the same private time if the Oilers lose a round?


I don't think the private time is gonna matter a whole lot. Guys like MC who aren't registered will just bide their time and drill Flames fans starting later tonight or tomorrow I'd guess.

Meanwhile MC himself will be there today and forever I'd imagine:)

So long as you can still read the wailing and gnashing of teeth, I don't really care about not being able to add to it, I can do that on here....

The best part of last night was Hrudey (I think) comparing the Flames situation in the 2nd intermission to that of the Oilers on monday night, and then saying "But they don't have a Fernando Pisani" or something to that effect. That comment made my night.

On the Big Breakfast, or Shitty TV, or whatever they call it now, they were indelicate enough to raise the question--the morning after--of whether or not to cheer for the Oilers.

The answer should be easy, but guys, I'm losing sleep. See, my wife is an Edmontonian. And my niece. And I don't even want to talk about my only brother.

I feel like the guy in Hotel Rwanda who has to sit there, impassive and humiliated, while his friends and neighbours hate on the "cockroach" ethnic group he married into.

And so, after much painful introspection and soul rummaging, I hope everyone will understand as I state now before God and the enchanted tortilla: CRUSH EDMONTON. I hope San Jose stomps the life out of those vermin. And flushes them. Four-zip.

Go Sharks.

I woke up this morning with a terrible hangover, having drunk not a drop the previous night. Don't know who those guys in red were last night. Not my Flames, anyway. If losing builds character, then that loss must have given us a decade's worth of it. Ugh.

And I want to cheer for the Oilers, I really do. The commenters here seem like a fun bunch of guys; we'd probably have a blast together if we ever went out for pints.

But I just can't do it. I want to, but I can't.

Go Sharks.

Wow. Comparing a hockey game and who people cheer for to thousands killed in ethnic cleansing while the world slept. Classy.

Huh? Learn to read, or piss off, Anonymous.

Flames looked like a team that had it's panties in a bunch from puckdrop... too bad because seeing the Oilers sweep them with Alien Freak Twitching Kipper would have been awesome for shits & giggles. Oh well, there's always next year for that. Now it's time to lather up the Oil bandwagon cuz it sure is getting heavy up here in E-town... they're coming out from everywhere. It makes me sick. Clagary fans should just say flames fans and go cry in the corner! Trust me I wasn't cheering for you last night. I just kept having visions of the Red Mile turning into the Dead Mile in my head. Nice one quackers! One final note: I say we start a new tradition for the SJ series and throw a fried piece of dead shark meat on the ice... smeared in pure safeway canola Oil. Ohhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! *bonk bonk... chik chik ahhh* Oilers in 5!

Flames fans, (like my brother)- sorry. We feel your pain. But why did the Saddledome fall silent after 2 Duck goals? We couldn't quite fathom that one. And these were the people who used to refer to the Oiler's home as "Deadmonton".

Go Oilers!

The great majority of hockey seasons end in failure. You only need "private time" in the case of humiliation, which is entirely different.

I hope everyone will understand as I state now before God and the enchanted tortilla: CRUSH EDMONTON.

No, no, no: The tortilla turned out to be cursed, as it never really wanted the BoA at all! You've just given the bizarro tortilla a ringing endorsement for the Oilers. For shame...

Based on my reaction Monday and Wednesday, I'm entirely too invested in the fortunes of these teams.

Complete and unbridled joy. That Flames team should be an easy one to like and maybe if I'd never started reading CalPuck, I wouldn't feel such joy. I'm looking forward to checking out the carnage.

Oils in 6.

People who are saying "payback is a bitch" should remember that there is still 3 rounds left and the Oilers have a long way to go.

Calgary dropped the ball big time, but was it so unexpected? We all knew that they lacked scoring, and that unless Iginla and Kiprusoff carried the entire team on their shoulders, Calgary was going to lose, I for one, wasn't shocked. I don't think Calgary is a bad team, but they definitely aren't a great team. They are an average team with 3 GREAT players on it. Good on them for making it this far.

So is this site finished now that Calgary is done? Does it become only an Oilers fan site? Or does it become a site for Oilers fans to gloat over Calgary fans? and for Calgary fans to make jokes if the Oilers happen to lose a game against San Jose?

Um, it's organic, Chanandler.


Oh those were your Flames...about eight guys that can't put the puck in the ocean:)

I was watching Primetime Sports and Jim Kelley was talking to Duhatchek and I think Kelley's a bit of a bluff and he said this before G7.

Anyway he said.."is there something more Cgy can hope for tonight other than winning 2-1 with Iginla scoring one of the goals."

Eric was flat out sheepish in his reply;)

Don't miss Jay Onrait's new column entitled "The Worst Game Seven Ever".

Sorry, Jay Onrait has never written, said or thought anything remotely 'unmissable'.

Well, touché.

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