Saturday, May 13, 2006



Great stuff in this morning's Edmonton Sun. You gotta love sports fans: they're lunatics.
One fan carried a stuffed shark atop an imitation harpoon - the shark had been dunked in real motor oil.

"It's messy, but it gets the message across," said the young man, calling himself only the Shark Slayer.

Not too sure the message that gets across is the one HE thinks is getting across, but no matter.

Also, great hed here:
Oiler fans take celebration to the street on Whyte

As the veteran scribe Anna cracked in the terrific but generally overlooked ensemble flick The Paper, "Oh yeah, god forbid this paper ever runs anything without an exclamation point."

NON-HOCKEY RELATED ADDENDUM: This is also a fantastic headline, on the story of the Blue Bombers signing Onterrio Smith to a contract:
Blue Bombers ink NFL "Whizz" kid

Hee hee...


The Paper? Wow. I thought I made obscure references.

Oh yeah... it was good to see local amatuer porn celebrity "Dawn" have an ad up on Blue Mile already. Stay classy, Edmonton!

I didn't like The Paper. It's the first time I really noticed product placement, this one being Micahel Keaton's character's "trademark" of always drinking coca-cola throughout the entire movie.

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