Saturday, May 27, 2006


Stanley Bound, Baby!

"It's good for the soul of the city"

Comments: sip, stanley cup. way to go oilers!!!

Beauty team. BEAUTY!!!!!!

Who is this Stanley of who you speak?

I know a man named Stanley Weir. Perhaps you have heard of him.

Teemu is on the Score. Best of 9? Best of 11? We are the better team etc etc etc.

Bye Teemu.

Twelve down, four to go.

Mwahahahaha!!!! This is so cool...

I wonder if anyone's insulted that Jason Smith basically treated it like it was diseased. Surely, the guy accompanying it can't have been too thrilled that Gator barely seemed to acknowledge it, and dare I say, even looked uncomfortable around it. He regarded it as one might regard Pandora's Box, really.

Bye Teemu.

Congrats, Oil. Try not to be the Flames.

VICTORY! 4 more wins..we just need 4 more wins.

Damn. I picked a good year to start a blog.


As Gretzky later wrote in his autobiography

Wasn't that Rick Reilly or somebody else? We know Wayne has somebody else write his autobiographies and coach his Coyotes, don't we?

Speaking of Wayne. Was he drunk last night?

He was somewhat more loquacious than usual in the box with Harry and Bob -- helping them call the game, chit-chatting, etc, although at a somewhat slow (slurry?) pace. In fact, it actually sounded like they had to kick him out of there. Weird.

I'm sure Wayne got in there and noticed there was NO play-by-play and felt some kind of need to fill in the blanks.

God knows the viewer does.

He should have stuck around to help Bob Cole tell the difference between Ryan Smyth and Jason Smith.

Congrats you bastards!

I'll be pulling for the Oil all the way in the finals while I weep softly into my latte for my Ducks.

doogie2k... For Smith to have touched the trophy, the Oilers would not get the Stanley Cup. It's a long time superstition.

Oh, I know all about the superstition, and fully understand it. It just struck me how bloody obvious it was that he didn't want to be in the same building as that trophy, and how someone with the NHL or Hall (or Campbell family) might take that as an affront.

Stevens picked it up in '03. Kariya wouldn't touch it.

So much for that one.

Ah, but you could say that Steven had already won (twice), and so was immune.

>Stevens picked it up in '03. Kariya wouldn't touch it.

You're talking about two different trophies.

Plus, having a huge femme as your captain is bad luck whether or not he touches the bowl.

No, you're right Colby. Gretzky was really hard.

Yeah, he had to be, being the greatest offensive player of all time.

There is at least a silver lining in this dark cloud -- if present trends continue, should the Oilers actually win 4 games, there will be nothjing left of Edmonton but a big smoking crater.

No doubt he was among the greatest ever, but he and Kariya would have a hard time breaking spaghetti between them.

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