Monday, May 01, 2006


Pronger wins another award? [updated]

The classy fans at LetsGoWings have started a thread entitled, "Who do you hate the most?, Direct all of your hatred towards Oilers players here!"

Pronger jumped out to any early lead, along with 'Edmonton Fans', but it appears that Rollie is getting some buzz as is "the red headed/bearded guy, forget his name, but i hate him. his face makes me cringe..."

[Update]: I spoke too soon. After some inspired nominations for the CBC announcers, the Wings fans have started eating their own -- including Yzerman.

Can't you just feel the optimism in Detroit today?


Sac, in general I agree with your occasionl slam of the middle schoolers at LGW. But, I think you're leading your audience slightly astray. I looked at that thread and I'd say half of the replies are along the lines of this one:

"Legace, Lidstrom, Chelios, Kronwall, Schneider, Holmstrom, Yzerman, Shanahan, Lang, Datsyuk, Zetterberg... - to name just a couple to blame for the loses.

oh wait... they're not the Oilers...

now seriously - I don't have bad feelings towards Oilers. they are working hard to win this series. unlike the Red Wings.

yes, I can't stand Pronger and am not a big fan of diver Hemsky or Horcoff. but I have respect for them for fighting hard for their team, rather than hatred. sure, I always root for my Red Wings and want them to advance, but at the same time I'm an ice-hockey fan and can not hate guys who do their job well. sorry..."

Haha. I read the thread and it sounds more frustration with their team being deflected on to the Oilers.

I never realized Pronger was so hated. I was disappointed in his play at the Olympics but also heard prior to that he had an injury and thought about not going but too many of the other D had pulled out so he bit the bullet and went.

I also took to reading the Game Day Thread at the wings forum and their cheers sound hollow.

Let's hope the crowd at Rexall and the Oilers themselves win this one tonight. I can't handle a game 7.

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