Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Over the Hump?

I know how much Sacamano appreciates attention from the hockey wizards at Sports Illustrated, so I thought I'd flash back to a photo gallery from December, where SI called Chris Pronger the "Best Active NHL Player Without a Title":
His best chance came in 2001, when St. Louis lost to the Colorado Avalanche in five games in the Western Conference final, when the Blues were undermined by some Roman Turek goaltending so egregious that Turek appeared to be a fifth column.

I love that line. Also, this Photoshop was forwarded to me by "friend of the blog" Geoff. It's a little crude for my taste, but I thought I'd post it in honour of legendary CinO commenter "Duke".

Last but not least, James Mirtle is saying that "...the Cup is theirs to lose". I agree with that statement 100%.

ADDENDUM: This is really neither here nor there, and superstitions are what they are (i.e. nonsense, but inescapable nonsense). But does anyone else find it slightly ironic, or weird, that Jason Smith declined to touch the Clarence Campbell Bowl while wearing a Western Conference Champions hat? I always thought the idea of not touching the Bowl was roughly "this isn't what we came here to win". Sacamano is rightly the arbiter of such things, but this photo of the behatted Smith, arms held stiffly by his sides, just seems kind of, incongruous.


If there is a god, Edmonton will win the Cup and then open next season with a home and home with the Flames. The first game will be in Calgary. Good times will be had by all.

Has anyone seen this article? http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/sports/hockey/nhl/san_jose_sharks/14696564.htm

What the hell is up this guys cornhole? Someone sick Colby Cosh on his ass please!


"Fans show unruly side
By John Ryan
Mercury News
We've been checking in periodically on the good townsfolk of Edmonton, Alberta, ever since Sharks fans upset their delicate sensibilities with the booing of the Canadian national anthem three weeks ago.

About those delicate sensibilities: Saturday night, a crowd estimated at 50,000 near Whyte Avenue celebrated the Oilers' first trip to the Stanley Cup finals since 1990.

By rioting.

``Shop windows were smashed and phone booths pushed over, their windows kicked in,'' the Edmonton Journal reported. ``Bonfires erupted in the centre of the avenue. From the rooftops, fire crews rained water down on the flames and the crowd. Some in the crowd danced in mist and smoke. Others lobbed beer bottles at the firefighters.''

The Journal quoted a police officer on the fringes saying, ``It's not worth it. We don't want to die.''

The Edmonton Sun ran some numbers:

15: People arrested.

9: Fires set.

3: Large-pane windows smashed at Chapters bookstore.

2: Phone booths uprooted and destroyed.

2: People jumping from rooftops onto boulevard trees.

Contact John Ryan at jryan@mercurynews.com or (408) 920-5266."

Sorry still hungover.

That graphic was clearly done by someone with too much time on their hands. Get a real job, buddy.

Matt, havn't you learned your lesson yet? The more you try to jinx the Oilers, the more they succeed. As for the trophy, it only makes as much sense as any other superstition. It's bad luck to touch the trophy, while it isn't bad luck to wear WC champ gear.

It's bad form, and bad form is the essence of bad luck when it comes to hockey. But it cancels out if the East winner wears the same cap, which they all do nowadays.

I'm pretty sure they have to wera the caps. Like, contractually obligated by Reebok to wear the hats.

Like, contractually obligated by Reebok to wear the hats.

I'm pretty sure this guy's right.

The real key is for the fans not to BUY the hats. If you see one, knock it off and trample it.

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