Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Oilers-Sharks Game Day III


Tonight's game is all about fixing mistakes.

Grabia has done his part, and now it is time for the Oilers to do theirs. I'm back to being optimistic. If the Oilers win tonight, I'm betting they win Game 4. And if they win Game 4, the sky is well and truly the limit.

Sacamano's Keys to the Game:
Prediction: 3-2 Oil (Laraque, Smyth, Dvorak)

Go Oil!


It's about time you started feeling optimistic again!

Your partner in crime seems to be gleefully enjoying the lamenting going on here. Remember, never show as much weakness as the Flames scoring lines! The enemy smells blood and goes in for the kill. Be positive and things will work out like we want, much to the lament of the people south of you on the road 2 nowhere.

It might just be me, but something feels different today. The first two games, something felt off going into them. I wasn't into the games at all, missed part of the first period in both games, and never really had fun watching them. Today, though...if I see a Sharks fan in the hallway today, I am probably going to pull the jersey over their head and feed them shots for a while. I can feel the excitement in the air. The Oil are about to turn this sucker around.

I did my part, too, creating some massive anti-Sharks karma destruction in the Battle of California. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will.

Da dun, da dun, da dun, dadundadundadundaduDADUNDADUN


Come on into the water.

Jen-Again, from the Red Triangle of Los Tiburones

I'v seen Caddyshack, Jen-Again. Is there a giant turd in the water?

Mmmm, Baby Ruths, yummy. Cute dancy gopher, too. I had a boss once that looked like that.

In Jaws, on the other hand, we learn to respect the Shark, fear the Shark, and realize that it is just about impossible to kill the Shark.

You're gonna need a bigger boat.

Sharks aren't that tough. Having eaten shark, I can say that they're really quite tender, if prepared correctly.

Aw man. You can only get so far with a team that always thinks they can take the second period off.

Sweet Jesus this is terrifying.

How did Scott Oake not get punched out there: "The Oiler are just killing you on faceoffs, and if they keep it up they are going to score. How worried are you?"

This is unbelievable hockey.

Eat another donut Don.

Just thought I'd chip in that family heirloom at a seemingly opportune moment.

I always liked that Horcoff guy... him and his wacky buddy Smyth.

Sac, I nearly choked on a peanut listening to Scott Oake ask that question. I'd totally stab that guy in the jaw. Also, he has the hair of a mortician.

but holy fuck we won! And I only had to stay up till 3 to experience it!

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