Sunday, May 07, 2006


Oilers-Sharks Game Day I

Happy birthday to Sacamano,
Happy birthday to Sacamano,
Happy birthday Sac-a-man-o,
Happy birthday to me.

If anyone out there is still shopping for presents, may I suggest playoff tickets?

Like mike w, I know absolutely nothing about the Sharks.

Looking down the roster, I can honestly say that I would only be about to pick out around 6 of them from a lineup.

As such, I will continue to make bold predictions based on little more than blind team allegiances (Go Oil!), the colour of the opposing team's sweaters (teal? Puh-leeze), and the relative toughness of their mascots (are you telling me a Fort Mac driller couldn't take out a shark? Don't make me recommision the Exxon-Valdez.).

[Update]: It is amusing to note that Sharks fans, like their Red Wings brethren before them, appear to be banking on Pronger having "his traditional playoff meltdown". I guess they didn't get the memo either. Note: Mike Chen does not appear to want anyone to link to his site -- if you get that annoying page about spam, just click the address bar and hit refresh a couple of times until the page comes up. If anyone knows how to avoid this, let me know. Otherwise, I'm just going to actively avoid linking to him from now on.

Sacamano's Keys to the Game:
Sacamano's Prediction:


Happy Birthday.

Hopefully the Oil deliver a nice little present.

After the victory Smytty will look right at the camera and say "that's for you sacamano. Happy birthday buddy"

That would be terrific. If he can let Lillian Hosking caress his mullet, he should be able to do something for me, right.

Hey, my b-day's on wednesday, game 3.

Hopefully the Oil deliver two nice little birthday presents this week, and I think I'd like it if Pronger turned to the camera and congratulated me personally.

We just need to line up a few more birthdays and the Cup is ours!

Brodeur's birthday didn't go so well yesterday afternoon.

It takes balls to predict Dvorak scoring a goal against any team..

Don't take that too seriously--I think Sacamano has actually developed a form of Tourette's Syndrome where instead of cursing all his pregame predictions have to include a Dvorak goal.

Lovely new tag for the comments. Anyone else notice the sudden disappearence of certain Flames fans from this site, in particular one whose name rhymes with "phuck?"

Happy birthday sacamano. MacTavish's soundbites can't possibly reflect his strategy, so when he says he's not going to line match I'd bet a 2-4 of Kokanee Gold that he does it constantly.

Happy Birthday.

I have tickets to the Oilers' 2nd home game but given I've already booked my flight from Vancouver, I don't see myself parting with them. You should have posted ideas yesterday, prior to my flight booking, and I might have given it a second thought. No really.

The Province wrote an article on the lack of Oil at the world championships and it had me thinking about how this could possibly be karma for Smyth extending his hockey season every year helping out our National Team.

Didn't see the game, but judging by the shot totals, it didn't look like the Oilers got much going. 16 shots? At least Roloson still seems sharp...

yeah, uh, let's just all pretend this game didn't happen.

the good news is, we didn't wait till game 7 in our own building to play like crap.

Oh julian, why understate things so modestly? The Oilers merely played a bad game against an opponent who played well, whereas the Flames have no heart, and gave up. The difference could not be more clear to an objective onlooker.

Pardon me, could not be more clear to "strictly indifferent observers".

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