Monday, May 01, 2006


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OK, so, for the next day and a half, Oiler fans may proceed with their Algonquin Round Table on whether it's cool to cheer for the Flames ("so we can kick their asses personally!") or not ("f**k 'em right in the ear!"), and enjoy the first days since about mid-November where the Oil has been in better position than the Flames.

The one game note for tonight: I hate to belabour this point, but Scott Niedermayer was the 1st Star in that game? Yes, he can skate! Terrific! But Selanne has easily been the best Duck this series, and he certainly didn't whiff on any more scoring chances tonight than SNied.

Then again, I don't really want to pick at his pact with Satan. I have no doubt that many before me, in dressing rooms and Zamboni runways across North America, have shaken their heads at how easily his mistakes and faults are forgiven. Time for Game 7.


I cheer for Anaheim all the way. That's how much I hate Flames fans, and I'll take nothing to chance and hope the team gets crushed at home in front of 20,000 bandwagon conformists wearing identical sweaters.

That and I simply think Sutter traded away all the wrong players. Good luck, you suckers.

May Scott Niedermayer pass to Rob Niedermayer for the GWG.

How sweet it would be.

Mistakes and faults. Hah. Like the one where Warrener is banking the winning goal off his shin pad?

No no. Matt doesn't have any complaints about the Flames. I mean, did you see who got picked as the three stars? Outrageous! The important thing here is the injustice to Teemu.

Sorry, Matt, I can't hear you. The sound of the Oilers actually finishing off their opponents is still ringing in my ear.

It is going to be an insufferable two days until the Flames can finish off the Ducks and then get started finishing off the Oil.

Props to the Oilers, they played with a lot of heart last night.

They have also executed their 'show up for one period only and win anyway' strategy to perfection these playoffs. The Flames have been using a similar strategy, but with less success.

(And if the situation were reversed, I would not cheer for the Oilers. I just couldn't).

Should be tons of fun starting Friday (Saturday?)

Go Flames.

When is someone going to tell Iginla that he can't fight? And who should we ask to beat up Old Missing Tooth once the BOA begins?

I nominate Dick Tarnstrom.

I was cheering for Beauchemin's fists last night. Iggy got clobbered!

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Oh whatever. I agree that Iggy had the worst of his fight, but he was a gamer. He got knocked to the ice by the first punch (I say he slipped), but he got right up and gave as good as he got for a bit.

Usually when Iggy does this stuff he steps out of the box like a mad momma bear protecting her cubs and wreaks havoc on the opposition. I rubbed my hands in gleeful anticipation last night waiting for this to happen.

Suffice it to say, I'm still waiting.

Go Flames.

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