Tuesday, May 09, 2006


My sides actually hurt

If I was independently wealthy and liked to gamble (1-for-2, alas), I'd bet $1000 that this picture, from the main index page of bluemile.ca, is a stripper wearing an Oil sweater in some dude's living room.

YOU make the call! There's a lot of hockey left to be played, but this could end up being the least timely venture in the history of teh intarweb.



If I had them I would certainly flaunt them for J-Roc.

Too many possible comments to be made.

Are we sure that isn't a man? If you look at the picture where she is actually naked, she has man-hands. I can practically hear the lobsters being cracked from here.

You have to applaud the entrepreneurship, if not the followthrough. Large props to the Edmonton Sun and Calgary Sun for trying to get this rolling.

I came up with a new slogan, "blow for moreau" if you want to ask for some...umm...fellatio or something.

That dude's got some ugly tits.

Hey man, I know that chick and if I were you I would watch talking about people you dont know.

I think buddy is mad that he would never be able to score with a girl like that, hence why he took the tine to even add it to his blog!

Yeah, dude. It's totally wrong to think that someone might be a stripper just because she, um... takes off her clothes in public.

If you look at the rest of the photos in that series, you'll get to "know" Anonymous's friend actually rather well. Hell, I've gotten diseases from girls I didn't have this much data about. Maybe I've been watching too much House M.D., but I'm pretty sure she's not a stripper, since she doesn't look totally coked out or surgically disfigured. This also makes her completely unlike any of the Calgary girls in last year's Red Mile photographs, who practically left a layer of slime on the computer screen.

Mea culpa! Not a stripper. And I'm sure she's a lovely girl, great personality, etc.

The location (Interior Residential) still makes me laugh though, as does Staring At Her Ass Guy on the right, who I'm sure ALSO is a terrific person.

Congrats also to Anonymous, who wins the award for least anonymous Anonymous Commenter in this blog's short history.

This is almost as much fun as the Taylor Hooten thread.

Wow - that Hooten thread is crazy.

Matt - I didn't know you were independently wealthy.

Smart and rich. You've got it going on.

Hey Hey. I just saw an interview with Mr. G, himself! As expected, he is some teenaged-looking punk standing up for the rights of photo takers everywhere.

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